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HI, myself and my wife are moving to sri lanka next month and are looking for shipping ideas from New Zealand. I have only been able to get one quote, from pack n send- it was $995 per square metre- which i thought was crazy. We are not looking to take a huge amount of things with us, we have been living and managing a small island in fiji for past 3 years so don't have much to bring. Ive used emirates air cargo before but it looks like they no longer fly from NZ. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to bring over approximately 100kgs of personal items?
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While waiting for our members to come up with solutions to your question, i'd invite you to consult the Moving to Sri Lanka section to get a free quote for your move to Sri Lanka.

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Hi Drew,

If you are planning to move to Sri Lanka, I would recommend looking for a Shipping company in Sri Lanka. It was a bit hard for me to find a good company here but as far as I know, Lanka Marine Services (LMS) ([link moderated] is one of the oldest and well - known shipping company in Sri Lanka.

Try contacting them here for a quote: [link moderated]

Hope this helps! :)

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