want to immigrate to australia

hello , my name is hamza 31years electrical engineer from algeria and i want to come live and work in australia ho can help me thank you

Go online and check out for visa information and applications.

If you open your own business need Oz certificates and degrees.

Without a proper support of relatives, friends or company it is almost impossible to find a decent job in Oz that will make enough money to live....even with proper visa!

Oz are quite nationalists, if no Oz origins or experience... You might end spending all your savings and energy for nothing.

Moreover it might not be as ideal place to live as you imagine.

Many many have left the country after several years of stress...

You will have to go for volunteer work like forever, share a room with 5 etc..

All available jobs are about fruit picking, retail and restaurant staff and underpaid... 20AUD / hour if you are lucky maybe 3/5 hours a day... Rent from 200 AUD to 500 AUD a week just for a roof .... Make the maths. Nothing is stable down under,  always look for second or third job or a new place to live...

For the same energy and investments with more future... Better try Canada or USA

Or even better a car repair shop in Burundi
Just my 2 cents

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