Moving to Belize with one 9th grade and one 11th grade girls

Greetings Belize Community,
My husband and I have fallen in love with all that we have seen, read, or heard about gorgeous Belize and truly feel it might be perfect for our forever home.
My husband is retired US Navy, but retired early and is in his forties, and I work part time remotely with Microsoft Partners in the U.S..
While we are world traveled, we have not lived or even visited Belize, but she seems to be calling us.  😄..
Our ideal would be more remote property of at least 10 acres where we could garden quite a bit (not farm), and have and ride horses. 
The two challenges are:
1.  High School for my two daughters???... No. 1
2.  Although we love open country, hilly, mountain space, we would like to be near enough to the ocean to reach it via Horseback within 2 to 3 hours.
It would also be nice to be near to some sort of town where the basics can be purchased, there might be small shops, markets, and maybe even a few restaurants where we could have "date night".... Good local food, drinks, music or dancing.  We are not picky about type of any of this... Love it ALL.  I guess you could fit us in to a sort of art, music, hippie, bohemian thing?? 😎
Are we imagining the impossible?
My daughters will need to attend school for 2 / 4 years and this will take precedence for the next couple of years.... But we were hoping to arrive and remain, in one location.
Do any of you goo
d people have suggestions, ideas, thoughts or information?
Any wisdom would be so very much appreciated.

My wife & I have visited Hopkins the last 2 years for about 2 weeks each year. It's right on the water & we love it there

But there are no secondary schools in Hopkins. Very mixed reports of other schools in Belize!!

It does sound very much as if you wish to discourage us. 
While I appreciate the time you have taken to disparage Hopkins as a hospitable landing point for those with teenagers, have you additional knowledge on or in alternate areas?
Any input would be greatly appreciated.

Very strongly encourage extended visits to a couple places to find what you like best. Georgetown high school is not so far from Hopkins, and it's a good school from what I hear. More focused on technical type stuff. So, with teenagers and what you'd seem to want, I would encourage visits to Ambergris, Hopkins, Placencia, and San Ignacio. Maybe Corozal too. I just don't know much about the schools up there. I don't think people are trying to be discouraging. It's just that for most of us it was way different than what we thought it would be. I visited Belize probably 7 or 8 times starting in '96 before moving here in 15, and it was still a huge leap. Way bigger than I thought. Utilize the search function on here to learn more about schools, shops, restaurants, etc. Of course you know your kids best. My 15yo loves it here, but she's a quiet, shy artist, and we homeschool. If your kids are really into organized sports or structured lessons (dance, gymnastics, etc.) this is a tough place, but if your kids love swimming, kayaking, hiking, etc., they will love it.

Thank you so much! 
I grew up in 3rd or even 5th world nations, then continued as an adult, and I do not believe that Belize would even fall in to that category, although I am certain that standard American type shopping, movies, availability of structured activities for kids ...along with food items not being available all of the time, or ever, and a slower, very slow pace for getting things done, along with other challenges do exist and occur.
Funny, I often found it harder to RETURN to the States after living abroad.🌎
My girls have lived at least one third of their life overseas and some of this in rural Japan, where these same challenges existed, along with an incredible language barrier, which would not be the case in much of Belize.
We have decided together as a family and everyone is excited, though with no preset assumptions or expectations of what life might be like.  Just open minds and willingness to accept and embrace new culture, language, foods, people, country, and adventure.
I sincerely do appreciate your input and will dig further. 🌄🌅
Have a wonderful day!  Ainyah

Did you make it to Belize and how do you like it? My husband is retired Army. We 5 children/ 4 still in school and 1 in community college. We are exploring the idea of moving away from the US to allow us more time with our children (19,16,14,4,3).

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