Teaching English in Istanbul

Is this a relatively easy thing to do? I'm a UK national looking to move to Istanbul later in the year, I'm hoping to teach English over there. Any tips? What qualifications are preferred (i.e TEFL etc?
Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated!

Dear All,

I would like to ask a question regarding teaching English. Why is so much attention paid to what certificates one has?

For example, I have studied in English all my life, I have got an A in English as the First Language in my GCE's, I graduated from the University of Lincoln, UK and have lived there for 14 years. I have got experience in teaching adults and children but for some reason a certificate is more important than someone's experience.

This is a very backward approach in my opinion and it is similar to that in the Arab countries where i have worked as well. It is rather stagnant I must say.

And to pay someone 9 TL per hour seriously just steals the biscuit.



How would one go about applying for as vacancy?

You can try this website www.englishjobsturkey.com

I hope this helps  :)

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are you looking for an English teaching job?have you any certification for teaching in Turkey?

porscha1 :

are you looking for an English teaching job?have you any certification for teaching in Turkey?

The answer to your first question is no! Second answer is yes. However, we've observed  that the mainstream of Turkish people, on the average, have little desire to learn a second language, even on the European side of Istanbul. :cool:


I am interested and have several years of English teaching experience, I appreciate the opportunity. please get in touch with me at my phone number. ***.

best, Saqib

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Hi everyone,

I am doing some research on other peoples' experiences with teaching ESL in Istanbul language schools and the constant theme that seems to be prominent is overwhelmingly negative as relates to treatment, pay, management, paper work etc. !! It's really discouraging !

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