Can I live with my boyfriend in Baku?

Hi all friend!
My boyfriend is moving to Baku, and we are wondering if we can live together in Baku with out marriage? Will we have any problems with the people around us? They will not like and will not behave correct? I dont know well about cultural there so please help us.

Hi.U can live in Baku if u r not from Armenia.
Our people very kind and u will be glad to live in Baku.If u need help for the first time u can contact with me and I ll be glad to help u.

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Yes of course. No problem at all.

Hi - are you Filipina? If yes, then no problem. However, if you were to go on dates with Azeri men, then beware! Remember, Azerbaijan is a Muslim country and sex outside of marriage is a no-no! But you can date non-Azeri men no problem.


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