New Plan and Questions (Special Education)

Hi! I wrote on here a few weeks ago that I wanted to teach English in Germany. After looking into that more, I think I've learned that that's going to be nearly impossible. So my plan now is one that I have dreamed of doing for years, to become a TVI at a school for the blind. I am working on a Bachelor's in English (teacher option) and will minor in German to work on my language and culture skills. Then, I plan to go to Northern Illinois University to study a Master's in TVI/AT (Teacher of the Visual Impaired/Assistive Technology). I am trying to figure out what I will need to do when I finish this and the work in the U.S. that I will be required to do (four years of teaching blind children in the U.S.). Will my degree transfer to Germany or will I need to go to school another year or two to get a teaching degree there? What will I need to do to get a teaching certificate in Germany?

I know this is all so far off (8 years, actually), but I want to start planning now so that I don't make any mistakes along the way. I really want to live in Germany, and in Hamburg if at all possible. I will, of course, also apply to other schools for the blind in Germany, but Hamburg will be my number 1 choice, followed by Hanover.

Does anyone have experience in special education in Germany? Can you tellme what it is like teaching special education in the country? I have read the mission of the school for the blind in Hamburg and I must say that I feel I would be a good fit for the school, as their beliefs about blind children (independence is the most important thing, children need to learn to do for themselves, etc.) fit my own beliefs.

I'm sorry to ramble. I hope I can find someone else who works in special education in Germany and can help me determine the best course of action. I'm determined to eventually live in Germany and want to make sure I get things right in this process.

~Jewel Cox

I have no knowledge about special education in Germany, but to me it sounds counter-intuitive to study in USA if your plan is to work in Germany afterwards. Studying in Germany is actually much cheaper (and not necessarily worse - although as I said I don't know the field of special education), improves your German language skills and will open many more doors for you here.

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