Looking for sharing room or female roommate

My name is Sahar, from Iran :cheers: , I am a PhD candidate in Computer science. I will travel to Tokyo from 8th May 2017 and will stay there for 6 months as a research visitor in The university of Tokyo. Still I do not have any room/house for stay  :(  and I am looking for female roommate or a sharing house near the university of tokyo for reducing my costs! :)

Hello Devilishruby,

As a foreigner it's difficult to rent a studio/room by yourself because of the papers. So you should check on special agencies for foreigners.

1- You can look on Borderless house :
They have Sharehouses but Mixte. I used to live in those, I really enjoyed.

2- You can also look on Sakura House :
I heard that they have Sharehouses for only girls.

Good luck,

thank you so much Manon :)

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