Asking for a good accommodation in Tokyo

Hello !

I plan to come soon in Japan for one year with a Working Holiday Visa. Since I begin my trip from Tokyo, I wondered what are for you the best area to stay in Tokyo?

I've just looked on internet and I saw that if I choose an accommodation away from the center it is cheaper so I wonder what place to choose.

I am also looking for a good share house agency to be able to meet Japanese and discuss with them during my stay. I find on internet Oakhouse agency ( that looks great (sharehouses seemed rather new and well-maintained). Do you know it?

Thank you  :)

Share house now is popular and many owner keep build this sort of building or houses . Price a bit expensive if u found great stylist house or terrace . But it's nice not be alone , my son ever tried when he just 18.

Hello how;s everyone ? I'm planning on a trip to Tokyo. Would be good if I can find some friends here that can help me plan on my trip !!

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