How the DR forum works!

Welcome to everyone  here in the DR forum!  We really want to make this worthwhile and helpful to those who read the various threads.

There are various people who regularly  contribute to the information posted here.  We are ALL volunteers,  we do not get paid, we do not get bonuses, we contribute our time and knowledge because we choose to! For the most part we really enjoy the interaction and ability to help.

That said, we have opinions we express. We contribute based on our experience and knowledge and it is not always perfect!   We don't profess to be lawyers but we have lawyers on the forum!   We do our best to help, to provide accurate information but PLEASE remember we have lives, jobs,  responsibilities and cannot always get to the forum immediately. 

Be patient with all of us. Be tolerant and helpful.  Be nice to us and to each other.  WE can disagree without being nasty or mean.

And please contribute!  We value all opinions expressed in a respectful way including our own. 

Thanks in advance for posting, for asking and for contributing.

WHAT?!!  Did someone bad mouth you guys!?  Ooooh...shame on them!  This forum (especially when compared to a lot of other expat forums around the Caribbean) is chuck-full of GREAT advice...and when I ask a question:  Be it "where's a good hardware store"  to  "is the DR loud?"  or even asking about people's perception of crime?  I feel that I get sound advice and real stories.

Planner well said.

Bob K

Thanks, I  just realized that some people don't really know how it works.  Maybe we assume too much, so I laid it out there.

Not about anyone bad mouthing anyone.

Thanks from Beth! Moving to Sosua in June, and I think this site will prove valuable to me!

Hi Beth! Thanks!!!

Our names are Kyle & Robin Byrd.  We are 56 & 55 years old, respectively.  We are the Founding/Sr. Leaders of a Kingdom Culture church just outside of Austin, TX, in the USA.  We visited the DR several years ago, and fell in love with the island, the people, and the culture!  We are considering a return to the DR ... to live!  Our thoughts are anywhere along the northern coastline, between Puerto Plata & Cap Cana!  We've done some research, and it seems that many expats really like the Samana Peninsula.  We are really open to all options!

We are considering a 6 months - 1 year "sabbatical" from our church, to explore the options that might be available to us, should we decide to make such a move.  We would be able to live on a $2,000 - $2,500/month budget, over that period of time.  We are interested in engaging some experienced expats in discussions about our thoughts ...

* location
* churches in the areas
* cost of living
* ... etc.

Welcome.  There is lots of information on this forum. Read the multiple posts as you will find most of the information you are looking for.  After reading the threads feel free to ask questions you may have.  The north coast is a great place to  live if the DR is right for you.  We have been in the Sosua/Cabarete area for 11 years.

Bob K

3 days to blast off!  Woohoo...DR, here we come!

We'll take you up on the mojito at Manny's, Tomas!

Wooo hooo

Hola everyone!
Especially Planner... thanks for everything!  Am arriving next month ... still not sure of the date but thanks to everyone whose post I read about what to bring and what not to bring.  Lived there years ago but of course things change.... and my circumstances have changed too.  Just rambling here .... nothing much to add today. 
Getting so excited  but having trouble purging!  Never thought I was a hoarder :)
PS: Planner - Spoke to a Dominican friend who thought my healing practice might not be a bad idea for locals and gringos alike.  But she did suggest I stick with adults!!! :)
Hasta luego gang .....

Welcome to the forums and thank you! We look forward to your future updates and contributions!

Hi Malinalli

Welcome to DR again.  If you're coming to Santo Domingo I know a fluent bilingual taxi driver named Jose who could help you get situated.  I've been here for 3 1/2 weeks and he helped me tremendously.  BTW, can I ask what your healing practice consist of? 


Hi .. I'm actually moving to Puerto Plata for now.... but might end up in La Capital at some point. 
I am also a Wellness Consultant as I have lead meditation classes and am an expert in the "Relaxation Response" therapies.  I work with high quality therapeutic grade essential oils for health and healing.  Have 15 years experience.  Am also a Certified Hypnotherapist to assist with healing traumas, smoking cessasion, and other addictions.  Might come in handy for some in the DR ... huh? :)
Hasta la vista for now....

Oh ok...youre going to be in Puerta Plata.  Everything i read about is seems perfect.  Gotcha.  Young Living or DoTerra?

WOW ... I love doTerra!!! 
Used and worked with Young Living for years but I find that doTerra resonates with a much higher energetic frequency!  I am also a Reiki Master and holistic therapist/energy worker.

Ok I was thinking along these lines when you mentioned the healing arts practice.  Enjoy your trip.  In some ways, I feel like i fit right in DR perfectly.

So which do you use?   Young Living or doTerra?  And how do you know about them?

I know I fit in the DR!!!! 
I already lived in the DR for almost 5 years!  I love the place and it will always feel like home to me!

What were your experience like I. Sosua

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