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Hello I am currently working for 2years and 10 months in a restaurant and now I got a offer letter from another company. So I resigned giving a notice period of 1 month but I think that the my company will approve it or not. I want to know that can I resign at this period of my contract.


follow the procedure mentioned in this link and then apply for mobility, steps are under this link

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Hi im on my 2nd month working in a company.. i want to resign and transfer to another company... in applying to a new company they will ask me about noc...what if the old compamy will not give me noc? What i must do so that they will give me noc?


But unfortunately you will not be able to apply for mobility
If applying for transfer, without the consent of the old (current) employer, the employee needs to have completed at least 12 months of service with the same employer before a new employer can apply for his/ her transfer. "


My work visa issued on september 2016 which is a one year visa but the company only allowed me to join on december 2016. i want to work for one year visa will expire on sept 2917, before i reach 1 year... if i will finish until december, then they will have to renew it again so i can work october november and december 2017..can i resign on december 2017?

Your visa will expire in September 2017, you company has to renew it before that or else you will have one month to exit the country. Kindly speak to the concerned and get things sorted out.

Hello! Brother, I have been working from 18 months with a company and their is more 18 months of visa is balance to finish ,and now i want to transfer to other company as well, am i eligible for that? if yes,
How much should i pay for balance visa wich is valid (how much per month) and what i should do if my sponcer refuse me with this?
and what is the transferring process colud you text me plz brother.,
Truly' yours.


How to react if my employer is refusing to accept my resignation or notice?

Expatriate Employee Transfer

How much to pay cannot be specified it will depend on your employer, since you have completed your term as per the contract your have singed.


Is this also applicable for a household service worker i mean if a house maid finish a yr to her employer can she cahnge job or tranfer to another employer without consent or her old. ,current employer

I am guessing it does not apply for maid visa.


Oooh too bad for me then..😯

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