New members of the USA forum, introduce yourself here – 1st quarter of 2017

Hi all,

Newbie on the USA forum? Don’t know how to start?

This thread is for you ;)

We invite you to introduce yourself on this topic, to share with us your expat story if you are already living in the country, or to tell us more on your expat projects in the USA if you are planning to move there.

It will enable us to help you better but above all to wish you a warm welcome.

Welcome on board!

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Hello everybody, my name is Patrick. I am German national and I moved to the US from London/UK in 2009. Me and my family absolutely love living here. I run a financial planning practice out of Stamford, CT and midtown Manhatten and my passion is to help expats plan for their financial security here in the US. I know how unique the system here in the US is and I know from personal experience that it can be a bit overwhelming. If anybody has any questions, feel free to contact me.

Hello everybody, My name is Mahdi, AKA "Accro d'Art", I'm 24 yo from north Africa. As it appears in my nickname I'm an Artist, Art admirer, a designer and an Architect who's planning  to move to the USA, so, if any one has any ideas to help, do not hesitate messaging me.

Hi everyone
My Name is Patricia, though it apears as Bonfigliano on my page as  I could not use my name when registering. I am from South Africa originally I hope to get a chef job in San Francisco. I am passionate about cooking. I am  available if anyone has an opportunity. Thanks

Hi I am Ivann I live in South Africa and I am a job searcher, I am looking for work in the United States. My dream and main goal is to join the United States military but for that I need to be able to work and live there legally so I'm searching for a job in the States to get my foot in.

Hello Everyone! My name is Veronica. I'm Hungarian and have always been living and working in Hungary. The reason of joining is quite simple. My husband is from NJ and even though we've been living in Budapest, Hungary we are planning to move to the US.  I have to start my life all over again in a new country so since I'm a big planner I would totally appreciate if I could chat about my possibilities and options of my new life in the States job and life wise. Thanks in advance. :)

Well, 1st of all, Mr Trump is in office & to be very blunt.......He doesn't like foreigners!!!
Todays news tells us of 5 foreigners being sent back home when they arrived at the USA immigration control at different airports.....(they were all Muslims BTW!)
Then you'll need to get a visa, & even though you're married you'll need to prove how long you & your husband.
have known each other.
Then you'll need a temporary tax number, & a bank account.
As to which city to guide you to, your husband will dictate that seeing as how he's an American.
Job wise, unless you have qualifications that are recognized in the USA you will be doing a minimum wage job.
Good luck.

Thank you for your comments. I'll take all those into consideration. :)
Have a great day.

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Hey Guys! New to this. Im a Kiwi girl working on a yacht based in Boca Raton. Seems quite far away from civilization. Anyone keen on a coffee or glass of wine sometime? Need to meet some pepole and check out surroundings/events etc!

Thank you for welcoming me here

Hello everyone,
My name is Mariana Furini, I am from São Paulo, Brazil and have always been living and working here with Technology for an American Company.
The reason why I joined this forum is to get to know more about the possibilities and options of a new life in the United States.

Hey, :)

Dom from US with half Canadian descent. Here to learn more on East Asian nations because having a lot of friends from that regions, I've become really obsessed with their culture, particularly Japan.

You should post on the Japan forum for better responses

Bob K

Hello. My name is Cassandra Harrison l would like to move to Usa any time if l get a visa. I am a shoe and clothes desiner l also crochet as well but this need when l get there first. For now l am just looking for a any job to earn money. I am facing a lot of crisis my little sister was burned so badly her left side of the body from the neck one hand and the leg. So l will apriciate any help to get the job even as a cleaner or housekeeper l wouldn't mind anywhere thanks in advance.

Hi every body, I am the guy who stemmed from 2 bloods: America-Vietnam. My knowledge about Vietnam and other countries is better than USA.

Hope every here will show me and teach me many things!!!

Hello Cassandra,

Thank you for your post.

If you are looking for a job, I invite you to have a look at the section Jobs in the USA. You may find what you want  :)

Have a nice day,

Estelle team

Hello. My name is Eng Naphtal TUYISABE, Rwandan. l would like to move to USA any time if l get a visa. I hold A0 in Agriculture with honor in Agroforestry so I am an agriculturalist and environmental  designer,  For now l am just looking for any job to earn money. I am facing a lot of crisis and life straggle. So l will appreciate any help to get the job. l wouldn't mind anywhere thanks in advance.

My name is Mera ill immigrate to usa next june with my husband Ehab we are young couple dont know where to live or how to start will be glade if u help us

Thank you

Hi everyone and welcome on board  :)

@ Meraaa, have you gone through the articles of the Living in the USA guide yet ?

You may browse through the different categories of the forum, read the threads, several issues have already been discussed. It will help you gather information.

Furthermore, feel free to create your own topics on the USA forum with your questions.

All the best,

Hello everybody, i'm Anaïs, i'm 29 years old. I actually live in france, where i work as a Art director, Paper Artist, and Set Designer.

For now i'm just looking for a job where i can do what i love in the city of my dream.

I know it's gonna be very hard, but i have time. Hope it's gonna be possible one day.

Thx bhavana for your reply ill try to check the article which u mentioned and yes i have created a topic in usa fourm ask about this thank you

Best regards

I'm an American citizen born and raised here in the USA. I am interested in meeting new people females from other countries.

Hi everyone!
Brand new here on, currently living in France and planning to relocate soon to Seattle,WA.
1st step: finding a full-time and perm job.
I have 6+ years of customer relationship experience (mostly B2B), speak several languages, and have international sales knowledge.
Is anyone can help me?
Feel free to contact me !


Hi everyone  :)
I come from Belgium and I am going to travel to Philadelphia next week-end. I will be in Philly for 6 months actually moving for an assignment.
If you have some tips or activities to advise to discover the city, don't hesitate to share.



Hi there  :cheers:

Alice welcome.  You might want to post this question in the Philadelphia forum
Bob K

Welcome Megan
Tell us a bit more about yourself, besides Hi

Bob K

Hello everyone!! I'm Lady Cali! I live in Los Angeles, California. I've been to Freeport Bahamas twice in 2015 but I want to go back to visit again maybe sometime this year. My friend who invited me over and toured me around has moved from Freeport. I'd like to meet new friends out there so when I come over, at least I know some people.


My name's Lauren, I'm a British undergraduate currently finishing my degree, and me and my boyfriend Liam are wanting to move to California when we've saved for a couple of years after I graduate. We're planning now as I've heard so far that it's a pretty lengthy procsss! This is all really new to us and didn't know who we needed to talk to so I thought a forum would be best, to hopefully hear from people who have actually done the move. ANY advice would be ace (about location, house buying, work, and the order of the whole process e.g. visas, house, work)! 😊

Thanks for the welcome

Hi everyone
   I am from USA i am very glad i found this forum i am engaged to an amazing Algerian man. I am wondering if there is a way for him to get a visa to visit America. Any help is appriciated thanx in advance

Lovealgerians17 :

Hi everyone
   I am from USA i am very glad i found this forum i am engaged to an amazing Algerian man. I am wondering if there is a way for him to get a visa to visit America. Any help is appriciated thanx in advance

Please start here:

Romaniac Experts Team

Bonjour, je m'appelle Christine et je souhaiterais vivement travailler dans l'hôtellerie à  Miami et ce à  partir de cet automne.
Pourriez vous me renseigner à ce sujet, Merci beaucoup !!!

Christine this is an English speaking forum.  Please repost in English.

Bob K

Hi there,
I'm from Malaysia, interested in moving to California for awhile.
I understand the challenge in seeking employment in USA, so I've joined this site to see if I could get any pointers. If you have the time, I've made a detailed post about it here:

Seeking employment in USA

Any tips or even experiences that you'd like to share, I'd greatly appreciate it.

I am from the United States and I am interested in finding friends from all over the world. I have a TEFL certificate and I want to teach English classes online to anyone who wants to learn.

Greetings everyone, I am  also new to this community. I   grew up in Scotland. I immigrated to Tennessee in 2002. It is wonderful to have found this site, I look
forward to making new friends and learning more about the U.S.A.

I am a professional from NY,U.S.A. I am planning to relocate to Washington and  I want to know how to get a good job there as soon as possible.

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