Direct Hiring Filipino Nanny

Hello! Can you help me? I have lot of questions being a direct hire nanny in Russia. I would greatly appreciate if you could give me an advice. I was hired by a Russian to be her Nanny in Russia but currently I'm living in the Philippines. We agreed to pay for the processing documents (working permits and working visa) to a Company in Russia half by half. For assurance purposes I would like to know if this is safe. She told me that she will hire a lawyer and get a Filipino Company to assist and process the work permit and visa. She told me that the total cost of payment is around 2800USD to 3000USD. So I must pay for the half amount. The transfer of money will be on the third company which will take the processing of my papers in going to Russia. And regarding with the agreement she will hire a lawyer regarding that. I research her fb, instagram and linked In and I can see his/ her personal backgrounds such as where he/she works. I can also see lot of his/her pictures which seems she/he is active with his/her social network links.  Is this a safe method? Thanks

My opinion, ANY job that asks you to pay money up front should be treated with suspicion.  My advice to anybody who deals on the internet is "USER-BEWARE".

Hope this helps.

thanks Cynic, that is why I keep on researching in order to make sure.

I would say no, don't pay anything!  This is a general rule with any "job".  The employer has the responsibility of arranging visa and paperwork.  Also, why is this price being quoted in USD instead local currency?  Ask yourself, could you afford to lose 1400-1500 USD if it's a scammer and there is no job??

Thank you, for your advice romaniac

I agree.
If they want cash there's a good chance it's a scam.
Never send money.

Thanks for the advice Fred, yes scammers are now often esp. in the internet. But I don't want to conclude immediately though I have doubts. The agreement is I will send money to the Filipino Company that will process my papers. And so my said employer will also meet the said Filipino agency for the processing matters. She will pay the half amount in that agency and me the same way too. In short, the transfer of money will be on the Filipino Company that will process everything. If I am the one who will choose for the said filipino agency is this safe?

I already found the said Filipino Agency located in RUSSIA so that my said employer can meet with the agency to comply other requirements for the processing of my documents. What if she will agree to process my papers on the agency that I personally choose?

May i know what agency u have found pls.i wnt to inquire too how to apply as nanny in moscow.Thanks😊

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