Ne PNG job offer

Hi All

Hope everyone in the forum is well

I am an South African with a current job offer in Port Moresby.

The salary package is as follows

$75000 nett Aus per annum'
Vehicle & fuel included
Compound accommodation included (Water, gas, elec excluded)
Flights once per annum to and from SA
Flights twice per annum to and from anywhere in Aus
Medical insurance included

My question is as follows

I currently earn &51000 Aus gross per annum in SA

Is my offer  as described above a worth while offer in PNG?
I would be based in Port Moresby with the occasional (once per month) visit to Fiji.

I am planning to bring my girlfriend of 6 years along (after settling in in PNG)
She is an attractive young and vibrant (Not bosting  :) just wondering if it is safe for her)

Secondly I would love `to bring my 2 x pooches along ( 1 x Yorkshire terrier and 1 x cross breed (Cross could survive anywhere as she was saved from an informal settlement))

We are planning to move to Aus within 3 years of living in PNG

Your feedback would be greatly appreciated.

Ryno de Beer

Hey mate $75000 is huge, its like 3× the salary of a normal public servant here in PNG. Now to your girlfriend, lots of Europeans coming to PNG thinking we are going to murder, rape or do bad but actually its the other way around we tend to respect westerners. I would say bring your girlfriend over is cool bro.

Oh and your pooches.  In PNG we only have two seasons which is wet and dry but generally as its a Tropical country it is warm every day so I think they will survive. ;)

Hi Jorsh

Shot for the response buddy, appreciated

I am really keen to come, just been reading the most contradicting threads on PNG

Lots of love from the one side and lots of negative from the other

Think I will have to decide for myself

With regards to the offer, do you think I should request anything else be added?

As a citizen I would say shits do happen in times but mostly happens to us ourselves and not foreigners. You will blend in easily in Port Moresby because they are lots of expatriate like you working there. Mostly from China, Japan, Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia, New Zealand, Americans, Indians and other countries as well. In fact it's mostly dominant by Asians, Australians, other pacific islanders such as Solomon Island, Fiji etc.... also New Zealanders. I would say why not you yourself go visit for couple of months. It's better to go than listing and reading.
Up to you mate.

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