Filipino Nurses in Port Moresby General Hospital in Papua New Guinea

Hi, I'm richie received an employment offer from Port Moresby General Hospital. Can you share me some of your experience during the stay in PMGH. The salary, benefits and other compensation and privileges, the cost of living and lifestyle. Thank you

richie26 :

Hi, I'm richie received an employment offer from Port Moresby General Hospital. Can you share me some of your experience during the stay in PMGH. The salary, benefits and other compensation and privileges, the cost of living and lifestyle. Thank you … rrency=PHP
mainly depends if you live like a king.
befren the locals and checkout how they live since they have been there longer!

Guys I declined the job offer in PMGH. I heard a lot of negative regarding the place. That's all. Thanks for all the inbox. I better wait my turn to DAWHA. Thnak you guys for all the reply and advise. I learnt a lot about the country.

hi richie26! from what country are you? and what are the negative stuffs you heard about the place?

can you share the backgrounds you've heard about PMGH? because I'm also applying as a nurse there. your response would be a great help. thank you.

Sorry, i suggest you set Papua new guinea aside. Not a safe place to live in (high crime rate), locals take advantage of expats, contracts were not completely complied, everything's expensive.
My hint for you: So many fishes in the sea.

hi.. im just new here.. anyone here already working in port moresby general hospital.. tnx kabayan

Hi is it safe in Pomgen hospital??

nag apply ka rin?

treve22 :

nag apply ka rin?


Well you are welcome to work in the nations capital they have ti give u everything you require like accommodation, transport and etc.

Hi I'm Manny Figuracion a Registered Nurse and presently working here in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia as a staff Nurse for a long stay geriatrics rehabilitation center, can I apply at Port Morsby General Hospital. What are the requirements
Thank you very much.


Can some one help me and give me some insight.

I will be having an interview in coming days as a bookkeeper in Evergreen Farm. Is there any one knows it. (My employer is Australian)
I Know the package is that I can bring my family?
How much is the salary of a Bookkeeper in a agricultural farm?
And it is true that my Husband can also work in the farm?
And how about the cost of living now?
How about the education of my children?
How long to process the Family visa? because right now I am employed

Can any help me

Thanks and GOD bless
Chubby PNG

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Hello. Sorry for the bump.

I'm also being offered a job as a nurse in Port Moresby. Are there any Filipinos working there now?

Hi, im interested in applying at pom gen hosp. Do they have online hiring? Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance

Hi, did u pursue ur career at pom gen? Where did u apply? Thanks

Hi am from PNG, we have many Filipinos working here in Port Moresby.
In the hospital I have seen specialist doctors and nurses from Philippine .
Some mostly works in Pharmacy.

Thanks n God bless

Hi, I've been here in PNG for almost 13 years and some of my friends been here for more than 25 years of stay and works, and I really like and proud to be here in PNG. Living and working in PNG helps improved my career growth and self confidence, grows my financial aspects with some extra to use and shares if needed, and opportunity to meet with most respected people in the country.
To those Filipinos or from other countries still hesitant about living and working in PNG, my opinion or idea is that danger comes along on how you gonna live your ways. If you are a person loves always on night life and outgoing, then you are prone to threats of held up, or being hurt. It is the same with other countries where pity crimes are exists or even in the Philippines.
It is understood, that we need sometimes to socialize, meet people and friends to overcome homesick, or being saddened away from our love ones, if really needed , we usually go out in a group such as night outs, mountain trekking, sea swimming or sealing, or participating in the groups or associations (we have here a group of Filipino community, or every race has its associations where there are always activities, occasions that we members can participate and join the group).

As far as I know, last year knowledge, Filipino community is about or more than 25,000 (Not Confirm Number) living and working in PNG.

There were a lot of expatriates here in PNG namely from ; China, Malaysia, Philippines, Sri Lanka, India , Indonesia, from Europe, America, Australia, Singapore, Pacific Islands, and from other part of the world.
Hope these will help.

The last time i was at the PMGH, a lot of Filipino nurses are recruited there. I have been to the Philippines in several occasions for business and i have also been instructed not to linger around street corners in the evenings. The same is with Port Moresby, not to linger around dark alleys in the night, because you are asking for trouble. I also find it uneasy also in Kuala Lumpur and even in Singapore when i am alone at night looking for a pub or so. Even in Australia, the fear factor in the night, what sort of encounter will you experience in the evening is the same.
Just like in Philippines, where i hired a hotel driver to take me places and rewarded him handsomely in the morning to celebrate his birthday with his wife, there are very friendly locals whom when you get to know them will treat you special. My adoptive elder brother is married to a Filipino woman and they have 2 children, and they have a hotel in Port Moresby and i tend to meet a lot of Filipino and sometimes take them out for a drink in a pub or so. Port Moresby is not that dangerous when you are going our with the right people. As for nursing job at the POM General Hospital, there are a lot of positions vacant there and if one want to take the chance to apply, you will find yourself getting a better job offer, accommodation provided of course. People who want to live like Kings and Queens will not be able to save extra money to sent it back to their family, otherwise, you would have enough to send it back home. I heard the pay rate for nurses is 12000 peso/fortnight for local employees, but dont know the rate for expats/employees from other countries.

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