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my name is Nart am 31 Syrian refugee living in Belgium for one year have in experience in Aviation (steward) for five years and two years in Czech airlines in costumer service I have been desperately looking for a job but haven't expected to be that hard specially with two obligatory languages (Nederlands - French) you should speak I heard that it might be possible to find English jobs in call center field in Brussels would be appreciated if can anyone guide me of how and where should I apply

Thank you in Advance

I'm guessing you've already seen the Brussels airport job site.

Also there is a job center office on the top floor near the food court at the airport one above departures.

Yes of course I have checked the website.... So can I apply online to the job center??

No....what I mean is that you can go there physically and talk to the folks there in person. Sometimes going in person has more effect than an online application. I think its a Randstad office.

Is t better to go specifically to the Ranstad in the airport??  Since it is everywhere in Belgium??

You can check for English speaking jobs to the Indeed website.or go directly to the interims offices',but if you decide to stay in Belgium you have to learn the two languages.
Good luck!

Yes Randstad are all over the country but the airport branch will know more about airport jobs than other branches.

I will keep that in mind.... Thank you

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