Cross-country procedure

Good day! Can anyone adivse me how the procedure and requirements to cross-country?

I am currently living and working in KSA and about to finish my contract. I desire to work in Canada but don't know the procedure. My working experience is on Accounting - Accounts payable for 5 years and administrative assistant.
Appreciate any help and advise. Thank you.

Well, you can't call it cross-country procedure. That's too abstract :)

You need a work permit to work in Canada. This will be issued by the Government of Canada on request of an employer who'll justify to the government that they need a person whose skills don't exist in Canada.

This is where you must start reading:

Thanks for the reply. Appreciate it.

So basically, you can't go there unless there's an employment offer for you?
Is there any other option?

Yes, there is: "immigration". Via Express Entry system.

This track has got difficult now though. You need to have 460+ points which are very difficult in absence of Canadian educational background and 2-3 years of their local work experience.

Please google 'Express entry points calculator', use it to see how much score you stand at. If the score is below 400, it's time to forget about the whole thing and consider alternates.

Got it. thanks a lot.Appreciate your helpful information.

Will give a shot and see if I am qualified.

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