Arizona, USA Chiropractor looking to relocate and practice in Cuenca.

Salutations All,
After 16 years of practicing Chiropractic in the USA State of Arizona,  children are raised and my fiance and I are interested in relocating to Ecuador, likely Cuenca. My adjustments are low force with associated soft tissue manipulation. I plan on researching and emailing a few of the other DCs. Any input would be greatly appreciated.
Colleen C. Mahoney, DC

I have heard Chiropractic is not a recognized medical profession in Ecuador.  So you may have to practice below the radar...........

i hadn’t read or heard of that before.

If it’s true, practicing below the radar could be tantamount to practicing medicine without a license.

Don’t do it without legal support.  All it would take is one complaint for the authorities to investigate .. and who knows where that could lead?

cccmedia in Quito

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