Marriage in Nepal. Will the certificate be accepted by UK embassy ?

I'm from Nepal my girl friend from England she would like to marry in Nepal her single status certificate the home office writing the marry in Nepal Kathmandu adress in from another location pokhara so I'm I get marry in pokhara the certificate will acept in the England embssy
b coz the marry adress in ktm from her documents

Not sure what your question is?

SimCityAT :

Not sure what your question is?

From what I can piece together, the single status cert says they will get married in Kathmandu, however they want to get married in Pohkara.  He presumably wants to know if the British embassy will accept the marriage certificate if it's issued in Pokhara.

That's what I understand anyway. :) I'll venture to say that it will be accepted if everything is legal and legitimate.

Romaniac Experts Team

Thank you for decoding that information. That would be very helpful to the couple.

couldn't understand it  :)

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