Property prices in Vanuatu

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Finding affordable housing in Vanuatu is number one priority for newcomers. Tell us more about the estate market in your district/city/region.

What are the most desired places to live? What are the most affordable ones? What is the average cost of a rented flat? And what is the average sale price for an appartment or a house? Could you tell us more about local real estate policies/procedures? What about property tax or residency tax in Vanuatu?

What about you? Where do you live now? Is it a place you would recommend?

Thank you in advance for your clarifications.


My wife and I are recently retired, Canadians, 55 and 57, Vanuatu is high on our list of places to retire to. We have retirement income of $3,000++ USD per month, we need a 2 bedroom furnished small house or apartment (house prefered), do we have enough money to live in Vanuatu permanently???

Their is a "Living in Vanuatu" Facebook page- you could post that question on there.

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I saw your post we are also looking at moving to Vanuatu permanently and we have been looking at Port Vila. Property and rentals are expensive but we have found the prices vary depending on what you are looking at so far we have seen a range from 70 000 VUV to 250 000 VUV furnished. Today's exchange rate was 111.69 VUV to 1 USD so 3000 USD should get you 335055,00 VUV. Hope this helps.
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I spotted this advert in the daily newspaper - … 344da.html

Best real estate agents in Efate, Vanuatu - for rentals Caillard & Kaddour Vanuatu Ltd
and First National

Probably have to pay 250,000 vatu or more. Need to be in a safe area and also have security screens as well as fly screens fitted - to prevent mosquitoes coming into you house/apartment.
There is Dengue(daytime mosquitoes) in Vanuatu - last wet season an increase in people getting it.

We are considering moving back there, but are rather scared of the Dengue issue

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