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I am living in Bahrain for last 5 years. Got married recently and my wife came to Bahrain with visit visa.  After her arrival in Bahrain, I got a new job. So that, the Employer 1 was cancelled my visa and Employer 2 applied new. Now I am under Employer 2 Work Visa Status. But the vising visa for my wife was arranged by Employer 1.

Now, which employer should arrange to renew my wife's visiting Visa? Old employer or new employer?

New Employer will not provide family status.

Please advice me.


Since you applied for the visit visa when you were under Employer 1, they could only renew it, but you no longer work for Employer1, in this case unfortunately i dont think the visa can be renewed. You could request your employer 2 to apply for a visit visa and you could pay for it.


Hi There, Thank You for the response.

The visiting visa will be valid till next month 04/12/16 but last renewal was expired 04/11/16. Now I no longer can renew it. She is still in Bahrain without renewal (no visa). what will happen for over stay?

I read one of other article that one person cant exit the country until it get renewed.

Also, can you please tell me else can arrange visit visa .


You will have to pay a fine for overstaying if its less than a month i guess its 40 BHD, if its more you have to visit NPRA office which is near the bail-al-quran building, i would still suggest even though its not more than a moth that you visit the NPRA office and clear the fine and then book the tickets, you could ask there whether the current visa can be extended.


Thank You for the response. I will update you my outcomes. So that It will helpful for someone.

Hi Logical Indian and all,

I have posted a question regarding the visit visa renewal. See the above question. My problem was resolved and see below my response.

The NPRA was advised me that the  Employer 1 (only) of mine need to renew the visiting visa. I approached the employer 1 and they have renewed it. This is very simple and straight approach. But getting right information is very difficult. I wrote this bcs someone in a need of this.

Thank U Guys.. Cheers !!


Glad that your employer1  renewed it for you and thank you for coming back and taking time to share this information.

good luck.


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