Moving to Morocco


Relocating the end of next year to Morocco, probably Asilah.

I am in touch with an estate agent in Asilah who will find me a property within my budget.

We are on a tight budget at the moment of roughly £400 pounds per Month for just over 5 years until one of our State Pension kicks other Pension comes 3 years after...when we can make up for it and live like kings!

Do you think this budget is possible/doable? We realise we will not be able to have luxuries for a good few years....but we just want to get out of the rat race in England...we are getting older and the retirement age keeps getting further and further away,'s too short.

I suppose I'm just looking for a little bit of reassurance.

We do not own our own home.....but we have lots of possessions...which I hope to bump up our finances hopefully we will have a bit more cash to play with when we move.

Anyone out there who thinks we can do this?



Sounds like a great idea

Does the £400 a month budget include paying for rent of a property?

If the £400 a month is just living expenses such as food, water, electric, transport I think you will be fine. Like you said just leave the luxuries until the pensions kick in

Hi, includes renting a property....everything. We can rent a property in Asilah for 1500 to 1700 Mad....the rest would be for etc. Not a lot I know....but hey ...I would rather live there frugally for a few years...than live in England with massive bills and terrible weather!

I wasn't sure on the prices of rent but I think you will be fine on the figures you said. Electric and water is probably about £30 a month. Meat is a bit expensive but if you shop for the food at the local markets I'm sure you will be fine. Go for it, I hope to do so one day. Nice weather, happy people; a bit different from England!!

Ha ha..

Thank you,'s a gamble...and I'm up for that!

Yeah next year can't come soon enough for me....lots to sort out before then though.

Keep in touch.

Where are you based ATM?

I'm in Leicester, wifes family is in marrakech so go when ever I can. Yes keep in touch and let me know how you get on


Will do,

Thanks. X

I just remembered a friend of mine told me it cost him about £5000 a year for himself, wife and four children to rent/eat/live in fez that's interesting.....and also good to know in my position.

Thank you!

Hi :)
I am living in Morocco since 2012. As a foregnier I may be more helpfull.
It will be so much hard to live with 5000 mad, I think you need to reconsider your monthly budget. Of course there are people living with monthly 2400mad but they are local, they have some other hands and facilities.
If you can always cook at home or eat in the places as like locals (close eyes) food is not expensive, you sure will learn how and where to shop. But if you like to eat outside, in clean places, you will need money.
Electricity is expensive.
I can not give you a clear information about rental cost because depends where you live. Changes street to street.
Asillah is a great place, there are lots of foreigners there and also you may check agadir. Never had been there but heard to much. Never come to Casa :))
Everything will cost you more in first few years,to avoid that you will need an advisor friend. Prices changes depending you are local or new froreigner :))

Tell me what do you wanna know more?

Morocco is a great place to live but trying to do it on £400 will be difficult. You should have an emergency fund amounting to six months of expenses saved.
   What will you do for medical? Prescriptions are not cheap and access to a good doctor and nice clinic will cost. There is no national health insurance like the UK.
  It gets cold here, under 4 deg C at times and the coast is damp. The masonary houses hold the cold and are not insulated. What will you do for heat? Most Moroccans tough it out with heavy clothes and blankets but it can be miserable. Electric heating is expensive. The catalytic butane heaters in the small cabinates put out  moisture and are dangerous.  Kerosene stoves are around but have to be vented. Most places cannot accommodate them. And kerosene here is not well refined and the heaters smell. You will need a place with south facing windows that catch the sun and the windows have to be opened on sunny days to carry out the damp, moist air.
  Window screens are unusual but a necessary addition if you live in Asilah which has an estuary or you will driven crazy by the mosquitos.
  As mentioned before electricity isn't cheap. £30 a month seems low. Double that or more. You will also have a water bill. Don't forget about gas bottles. You may go through 2-3 a month for hot water and cooking.
  Older apartments may not have light fixtures, either a bare bulb or nothing. They may not have a water heater. Many do not have closets. What will you do for furniture? You will need carpets for the ceramic floors. You may have to install your own satellite tv. Many places do not have kitchen stoves or refrigerators or clothes washers. Clothes are hung out to dry. Dryers are too expensive to run. There are no coin laundries.
  You will want Internet access which requires a landline and modem rental. You will need a mobile phone.  WiFi calling has been turned back on so that lowers the expense of calling home.
  Fuel is as expensive as the UK. Know the restrictions for importing a car or the cost of buying one here. There will be car insurance and mechanical upkeep.
  Fresh local food is inexpensive and good but meat can be pricey. There are supermarkets but many items cost the same as Europe.
  Best of luck.


Thanks for posting.

Your input is very informative! This is the stuff we need to know.

We may be coming in a van....maybe a friend will drive us...not sure about this yet. If we do then we will bring things from uk...that will make life a bit more comfortable at the beginning.

We will have a budget and we will have to stick to it. Hopefully if things work out then we will have slightly more than £400 a month.

We will only have to live like this for approx 5 ish years until our pensions kick in....then we will have more cash to play with.

Thanks for your help.

I understand your situation and positive attitude to come out of box. Morocco is good choice when it comes to weather. You can also choose a remote village near to the sea and you can cut down expenses with same weather and same food. So many people have already posted good replies, you can also find expats like you who are retired and living in Morocco for same reason as yours.

Have a great life.

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