English speaking jobs in Constanta, Romania

I'm having a hard time finding a job primarily utilizing my advanced english speaking skills, specifically in Constanta, Romania. I've created profiles with my cv (in English) on both and but haven't had any luck. I was born in Constanta but moved to the United States when I was 3 years old and have returned now after 20+ years. I speak Romanian quite fluently however my reading and writing skills are mediocre to say the less. I am taking lessons to improve my reading and writting in Romanian as well as professional communication.

I was wondering/hoping that someone could give me some employment tips. I would love to be able to have a job where I can excel using my advanced professional knowledge of the English language.

Thanks for any help.

The only employment tip I would give is, improve your Romanian skills as much as possible.  You're going to need it anyway if you're living here long term.  As you are discovering, knowing English alone won't be enough as there are plenty of expats and Romanians that have good English skills.  A lot of people also know Italian, French or Spanish also to some degree.  If you speak Romanian as fluently as you say you do, reading and writing it shouldn't be too hard......practice and practice more!

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Try "networking" with all the Contacts you have already and try Social Media. (LinkedIn) is a very Professional site to list your CV and to make Contacts. I'  ll say a prayer for you.

I am interested of your skills. Can we make contact somehow? My phone number it's*** and my email ***

I have a 7 months baby and i want her to learn english for a native speaker. If you are interested please contact me for a colaboration.
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As for a 7 month old infant learning English, there are TONS of videos (on youtube and otherwise) and other materials that you can access free of cost.  Hiring an English teacher may not be a wise use of money just yet.  Let the little one grow a little, or consider finding other expats nearby with English speaking toddlers and maybe arrange playgroups, he/she will learn naturally from them and have a good time also!

If you still are going to look for a tutor, please utilize the CLASSIFIEDS or JOBS section of the site to find an interested candidate.

Oh, thank you for your message. I will keep in mind:)

Are you still looking for a native English speaker for your 7 month old?

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