Looking for Greeks expats for an anthropology project

Hello! my name is Coline, I'm 20. I live in Namur, Belgium. Currently studying in Brussels.

As a part of my anthropology class, I have to interview greek expats living in brussels. In order to learn more about the greek community in brussels and find what drove them to emmigrate. So I'm searching for people willing to share their experiences with me, no matter what age, profession or background you have as long as you directly emigrated from Greece and have been living in Brussels (for several years or more recent.)

Here is a few questions that could help, but most of all, it's really about sharing, spare no details, i'm truly interested in hearing your story!

What made you emigrate in the first place? (family matter, job, money, political crisis, war...)
How did you fit in and was it difficult? did you feel like you didn't belong or were people welcoming? 
Wich places did you spend time at?
Were you part of a specific community?

I would be so grateful and it would really help me if you would take a few minutes to answer my questions and share your journey with me. Thank you so much! (sorry if there is any spelling mistakes, i'm not fluent)

(english or french-speaking)

Hi Coline,

Welcome on board  :)

An advert in the Looking for testimonies in Brussels section of the website will surely get your search longer visibility. In addition to that you will be able to reach out subscribed members.

All the best,

Thank you so much Bhavna! :-)

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