Question About MVV Visa

Hi guys !
I would like to ask If there is any one of you here has experienced About IND.
Last October we received a No from THE IND ,  however My partner submitted an objection letter to them and they advised him to wait for another 90 days for THE result. I would like to ask If there there is anyone here has this experienced and how long That you really wait before you received THE result of your appeal/ objection.
Thank you so Much!

Veel Succes!

Welcome on board  :cheers:

Depends on what ground(s) you were rejected.
The 90 days waiting period to receive  an answer on the objection letter  is standard and you will come across this pretty much everywhere.
It gives the organisation / institution the time and investigate your case as you are probably not the only one.
But I have to say that this is the maximum period within they must apply.  Normally it takes shorter. If they exceed the maximum time, you can file a complain against them.

Thank you so much for your reply.
The other day IND called my partner to ask for another supporting documents about his financial and my partner send it right away thru email as he was requested to do so.
I am just wondering if there is a chance to get it as early as possible... ggrrr I get so frustrated at this moment of waiting ....
Anyway, thank you so much....

You're welcome.

They are on your case right now so you have to be more patient. I know waiting is sometimes hard but try to focus on nice things. Sinterklaas is on his way and maybe he has something for you.

Thank you so much for your positive reply!😉😉
I hope and pray that we will get a positive result.

For now,yes you are right ,I should more patient fo now..

Dank u wel!

Did u already take the civic integration exam? Can u also help me wat are the things to do or the requirements needed before taking the civic integration exam and mvv visa .
Dont you worry. About ur case it will be okay soon. Have much patience en faith


can anyone tell me please if the dutch partner need show work contract with stipulated income or a sufficient bank balance can be shown for MVV application?

its so frustrating waiting till my GF gets a job so that she can then apply for my MVV...grrr

wish ind would also accept applications from people with sufficient savings in their banks

Hi Vikram,

To answer your question, normally, if a person is applying to come to Holland to take up an existing job, then the employer applies for the work permit - there is no provision for the applicant to do it themselves and how much the applicant has in the bank is irrelevant.

It's more about, will the applicant have the ability to live socially (integrate) in Holland and maintain themselves in their own right (i.e. without a partner).  The applicant could blow all their money in the 1st week and split up with their partner the week after; the Dutch state will not support the applicant in these circumstances.

Hey Thanks, that was helpful

i guess this applies even for my dutch partner having sufficient bank balance to support me?!!!....

Hi Vikram,

With bank balance alone it is not possible if you want to apply for the MVV.

Your partner has to have a contract valid for 1 year (or more) when applying for the MVV.

An other possibility is that if your partner does have work, but not with a contract for at least 1 year, and if your partner has been working for the last 3 years without gaps between work (and still has work) and can provide prove with pay-slips (document containing all information about the salary received for the month), and the income is high enough (minimum wage or higher) then you also can apply for the MVV without having an contract for 1 year.
Other people have successfully applied for the MVV this way.

dear martin

thats a great suggestion...but my partner has had breaks between jobs

now if somehow and someone could suggest a suitable job opening for my partner!!!!!!!!

thanks again

vikram1329 :

dear martin

thats a great suggestion...but my partner has had breaks between jobs

now if somehow and someone could suggest a suitable job opening for my partner!!!!!!!!

thanks again


She can always put her CV in the jobs section of this Forum; who knows what comes along. :)

vikram1329 :

dear martin

thats a great suggestion...but my partner has had breaks between jobs

now if somehow and someone could suggest a suitable job opening for my partner!!!!!!!!

thanks again

It depends on how long the breaks have been, if not to long (I think 26 days in total, but I have to look it up) then there should not be a problem, also if she received WW payment between jobs, then there also should be no problem.

Edit: I looked it up, from the IND site:
Work in paid employment through an employment agency or under an on-call contract or zero hours contract
Are you an agency worker? Under an on-call contract? Do you have a zero hours contract? Or is your employment contract valid for less than 12 months? Your income is long-term if you have had a sufficient income for each year in the 3 years prior to the application. And you still have a sufficient income.

It is allowed to have been unemployed for brief periods in time within these 3 years. However, no more than 26 weeks in total. You must have had an independent income during the periods of unemployment. You, for example, received unemployment benefits. Have you been ill for a longer period of time? A benefit under the Sickness Benefits Act is also independent income. The unemployment benefits and the benefit under the Sickness Benefits Act count towards the income requirement only if the amount of the benefits equals the income requirement. You may not have received social security benefits.


Im so touched to get all the precious suggestions from members on

Thanks to you all!!

its like a community coming together to help each other which is so beautiful

yes, its challenging as couples over 40 years old find it tough to get work in Netherlands it seems now and thus we wait despite being well qualified. Not to forget i have passed the Dutch Civic Integration Exam with flying colors

Fingers Crossed! God Bless!


Please note that the Dutch Civic Integration Exam result is only valid for one year.
After that you have to take the exam again if you could not apply for the MVV in that time...

An other possibility could be to take the Europe route; live with your partner in Germany, Belgium or any other European country except the Netherlands for 6 months. And after returning to the Netherlands apply for EU check at the IND (sorry, I do not know the correct wording at the moment). No income check or income rules that way.

Ok thanks

In that case would the partner need to show a work contract with all the minimum income parameters or can my patner just arrange our house there and call me over? Sorry to be bothering you


As far as I know you do not have to show a work contract but maybe it is better to have a look at the website (mostly in Dutch), there you can find a lot of information about the possibilities to eventually go to your partner in the Netherlands.

dear martijn

thank you!

this is the most frustrating phase after sacrificing so much and now wanting to be together but the process keeps me away from my partner. but eventually something good will emerge im sure

will check link you provided.



if my decides to move to any other eu country for me to be able to join her, then does she need to write herself out from netherlands or its not needed?

vikram1329 :


if my decides to move to any other eu country for me to be able to join her, then does she need to write herself out from netherlands or its not needed?

Anybody who is registered with their Gemeente in Holland is required to write themselves out if they move to another region in Holland, or another country.

hi i cannot really say but there must be a basic why the IND said no i have not applied yet but i always follow up the only reason i know ,for the IND to say no is because of the insufficent fund but if your partner cant meet up she has to state why with good reason and a well updated document.thats what i no but he or she can take it to court for appealing over the NO  answer.

How did it go? Seems like we are on the same issue I got a No but my partner did an appeal? How long did it take for ind to get back to you when you did the appeal?

I did my exam in Nov, 2016 and passed with excellent scores..couldn't even believe myself😂😂. Make sure you use the book and watch all the CDs. Also there some videos on youtube..try to watch them. One tip for the speaking part which ofcourse is the scary one...make sure you are answers are short and precise. Avoid long sentences as every gramatical or pronunciation error counts.

They dont accept and your partner has to be working so they prove she/he can manage to support you financially until you also find a job.

Hi everybody! I also have the same situation but a bit different. I also have a dutch gf. I hope someone can help me in my case. I already paid for the civic exam. And we are confused on what to do next after the exam. We have read the requirements on how to get the mvv, one of it is the result of the exam, 21years and older, have a stable job and income. That is our problem now. She is only 20 but turning 21 this coming november. Does she needs to wait until shes 21? As far as i know as long as youre turning adult on this year can apply for mvv already and The agency (vfs philippines) told me that as long she is turning adult. Its okay. Well i need to be sure if its true. Second, she doesnt have enough funds and she doesnt have any work right now. We are thinking that since i have money to support the both of us. Our family business can suppory me financialy as i have shares and i earn monthly from my familys company. Why not ill be the one who will pay for everything whilst she is just gonna be my sponsor? Is that possible? Third If they want proof of our relationship i can provide them travel documents that i lived in the Netherlands for 3months twice already shes been here in the Philippines twice as well. I already have RNI (temporary BSN number for working).

I guess this is possible but check the to be sure. You need a minimum monthly income.

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