Young British Woman Moving to Al Ain

Hello Everyone,

I hope this message finds everyone well.

I'm a new member here!
I am a young woman from the UK, who has accepted a job as a Midwife in Al Ain.
I am now going through the Data flow process as of yesterday.
I just wanted to ask questions about life in Al ain:
-Accommodation, expensive?
-Activity (Swimming, cinema, arcades clubs)
-Getting pets (I would like a dog, where could I get one?)
-Meeting new people (group activities)
How long roughly haa the data flow process taken for others?

Much appreciated

Hi Annie
I have sent you a private message.
I too am awaiting my HAAD license to be completed and will be moving to al ain too in the new year.
Angie X X x

Accommodation, expensive?  Not really expensive compare to other cities in UAE.

-Activity (Swimming, cinema, arcades clubs) - These facilities are available and you will enjoy I guess.

-Getting pets (I would like a dog, where could I get one?) There are few places and just follow the law in this country

-Meeting new people (group activities) - There are many and you can choose the good people.

How long roughly haa the data flow process taken for others? depends upon haad criteria and your job specification.

welcome to UAE. Should you require more queries, dont hesitate to contact me.

Hey Angie!
Lovely to hear from you! I hope you are well, yeah perfect I will add you on what's app so we can chat

hello Annie, how are you? I am also expat to be in Al Ain soon.
I sent you a PM, when you have time, please contact me...Regards

Hey Annie.
How's your data flow going?
I have sent you my number in a private message.
I too have a job at the same hospital as you so we will be colleagues! How exciting! Speak soon
Angie x x

Hey Angie!
Me too!! I've added you on WhatsApp so we can talk!
Very excited the data flow is going well I will PM YOU

Hey Annie.
Brill! Message me when you can.
Look forward to it X xx
Angie X x

hey, what is your Merry xmas to you all

Hey ladies! I too will be moving to al ain within the next month or so, as a quality nurse manager ! So nervous since I know nothing and nobody there! Can you please give me an insight as to coat of living and accommodation?? Thanks Emile xxx

Hey there. I am due to arrive in al ain this coming Friday. Like you I know very little. I am moving alone and don't know anyone yet in al ain. Maybe we could help each other? X

Hey hun!
Sounds great! U will be going before me so I look fwd to hearing everything! At least I'm not the only one quite nervous!


hey, dont worry for anything. you will be served a good manner. this is a safest country especially women. All facilities will be provided to you as promised in your offer letter. any question  , dont hesitate to contact me. Have a safe trip and keep in touch .cheers

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