From Riyadh to Bahrain

Hello folks!

I'm willing to spend the coming weekend in Bahrain, and would love to hear your recommendations. I'm new in Riyadh so I aint much familiar with available options for renting cars..etc I also heard that there is a metro from Riyadh to Dammam. Which option do you recommend?

I have never been to Bahrain, so I welcome any suggestions such as hotel reservation, places to attend such as beaches and clubs..etc


Take a flight from Rio to Dammam, about 45 minutes, rent a car and take the causeway to Bahrain.

You can try the train but don't recommend it.

As for hotels in Bahrain, depends on what you like, they usually have furnished apartments there and you can go through booking dot com for them. Juffair is the happening spot in Manama close to restaurants, café, bars, clubs etc.  Amwaj Islands is also nice but catering mostly for sheeshas.

Other than that, you can watch movies, shopping and other stuff to do in Bahrain.

Not bad for a weekend getaway.

edit: as for clubs, there is this nice sushi joint which turns into a lounge after dinner, as well make sure to visit Meat & Co on Friday night, go early as place gets packed. I think it's called Adilya or something the area...

Thanks for the valuable info. I'm going with 2 of my friends and we thought about renting a car from here. We are all new in Saudi Arabia so it is kind of activity we are trying to make.

Considering you're new, can anyone of you rent a car? did you all check visa requirements ? exit re-entry and all the bells and whistles?

Trip will be 3-5 hours till you reach the causeway and another 30-60 minutes at the causeway. Car rental companies don't offer unlimited mileage so depending on the car you rent you'll end up paying for extra mileage and make sure to fill up in KSA before entering Bahrain.

Yea we already got driving licenses. I have been here for 4 months but I still consider myself new :)

I know about the exit-reentry requirements. I've been to Dubai and Qatar, but I though Bahrain would be a nice road trip.

share your experience after the trip

cheers!!  :idontagree:

Hello Friends. (Hamudi)

Good Evening...

I heard about the vacations in Bahrain is owsummm and enjoyable with friends, But I don't know the process like the passport or exit entry or the fees, Please  can you please explain me all the procedure, so it will help me to go Abroad .

Thanks & Regards

If you have a car or any of your friends coming with, it is better to travel by land it will take you around 5hours to reach the border.
For professionals, visa is for free.
It will take you around an hour or less to pass all the gates, including immigration for both countries. The last gate is where you purchase insurance for your car while driving around Bahrain.
Once you pass the border, that's when the joy starts! It is like you have entered into a new world, a world full of fun and amusement which you never have in the LAND of SAND!

For hotels, try most of the hotels have their offers online. It is rare to give you offers in person so better book your accomodation.
The advantage of having a car is you can drive around the city wherever you want. If you dont, you will be crying why you take a cab or taxi each and everytime you want to visit some places.

Last tip, before entering Bahrain border just make sure your tank is full because the oil price is different from both countries. It is higher than here in SA. So better to keep your full so you will not regret while filling your car by 1.2 riyal per liter of oil(approx).

Remember to tell the rental company you plan on going to Bahrain, else the might not let you leave the country with the car.

Exit Reentry stamp on the passpoert is a must and it can only be done by your sponsor; either he is a person or company. 2 months exit reentry costs SR. 200.

There are toll taxes while leaving country on either side as well as car insurance charges. I don't remember exact figure but its around SR. 60 all in all (including going and coming back)

Travel time from Riyadh to Khobar is 4-5 hours. Causeway will take 30 minutes if zero traffic. Generally its not less than an hour. On average 1.5 to 2 hours.

I don't think there is any metro train from Riyadh to Bahrain. There is a train from Riyadh to Dammam and then you would have to rent a car. Or you can use Saptco. I have heard about their route but haven't experienced them personally. One thing for sure; to enjoy you should have a car.

There are various activities depending on your taste. But whatever your taste is; visit their largest water Park and City Centre which have many gaming, eating and entertainment options including cinemas. Last but not the least; visit Aldar Island if you can. Its not big and luxurious, but its something you will always miss after leaving.

Juffair is the happening area. It have both; hotels and apartments. And comes in vast range of budgets. Try to stay as near as possible to Shabab Avenue near Ramee International. Very nice eating options and various activities around.

Hey there Tony. You can go to Bahrain in three ways: bring your own car, take the VIP sapto straight from Riyadh to Bahrain or Riyadh to the border and you will find some taxis waiting there to take you inside Bahrain. They can also serve as a tourist guide.

If you like nature, I recommend staying in Al Dar Island, been there three times and it's really cool. But it might be a little colder now. Chalets are just facing the beach so you can do bbqing and there is also a bar in the middle of the island.

For the place to stay, I usually choose Juffair area and bars are just nearby. There are also lots of rent a car shops and they will be giving you map for your reference. You only have to have a valid international driver's license.

Hope this helps.

Thank you all, such great and valuable information. My relative is coming tonight for a business trip and will stay in Riyadh for 4 days. I have postponed Bahrain trip till next week. I will share my experience after my visit.

Thanks again!

You can rent a private car from riyadh to dammam and ride a taxi from dammam to bahrain, as for me i bought a vip ticket from riyadh to dammam then took a bus from al khobar to bahrain, u just need an exit re entry visa in order for u to return to ksa.

Go for Umrah Makkah and Madina and enjoy the real life and peace there

Dear Shahidabasi,

All Muslims living in Saudi Arabia are already aware of such a great opportunity. The question is asked by Mr. Tony and he is seeking help in other direction.

First of all u should have ur own car, on cause way they will charge vehicle insurance little amount and visa for 2 seeks, Hotels are nominal and costly that up to u, and rest entertainments we can not discuss here...... :D

We all know bahrain is an
Open country. When i went back to riyadh from bahrain (to visit my husband who is working as a middle east color consultant based in bahrain) an
Old man Who is overly drunk took the same bus with me, was not aprehended in the cause way.

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