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Shipping Car from Riyadh to Dubai permanently

Hi All,

I am currently working in Riyadh. Now, I have got a job in Dubai and will relocate shortly. I plan to take the car to Dubai. Has anyone taken the car from Riyadh to Dubai on a permanent basis? I have the following key questions:

1) What documents are required?
2) Could you please send me contacts of reliable companies who can do this for me without much hassles?

Many Thanks in advance!

Hi aabbccdd,

Try to ask your questions on the Dubai forum as well.

Good luck,

Thanks.. I have asked this in the Dubai forum as well.

If the car you intend to take is yours by ownership and you have all the necessary documents (isthimara) just ship or drive the car to UAE. Once there you can approach the traffic department there to know the process in changing the registration.

Isthimara alone is not sufficient. There are other documents required and a formal process to transport the car. I am sure some of the members on this forum would have moved their cars to Dubai. Any help with companies/agents would be appreciated.


Here is the procedure to move a car from Saudi to Dubai. I couldn't find it anywhere else on the internet...If you find it useful, please pray for me :)

Steps to Export Car from Riyadh to Dubai:
1.    Step 1:
a.    Pay Money to the transporting company. He will give you a letter on his company letter head
b.    Have this letter attested from the chamber of commerce

2.    Step 2:
a.    You need to take the below documents and go the muroor office. There are offices who are responsible only for exporting. You need to check with your transporting company about the location of this muroor office:
i.    Fill out a form giving details of name, car details, Istemara details etc. This form needs to be filled in Arabic
ii.    Chamber of commerce attested letter (from Step 1)
iii.    Your company letter (Introduction letter) giving your name, designation etc. This letter needs to be attested by chamber of commerce
iv.    Receipt of 100 SAR (there are agents near the ATM who will literally force you to take their service. They will take the istemara and 100 SAR from you and pay the fees using ATM. They will also collect some commission for themselves).
v.    Original Istemara
vi.    Passport copies (2)
vii.    Istemara copies (2)
viii.    Driving License copies (2)
ix.    Iqama copies (2)
b.    Mohandis Inspection:
i.    If muroor is happy with all your documents, he will ask you to go to ‘Mohandis’ for car inspection. In Riyadh, this was an office just attached to the Murror office. Here, there is another traffic police guy who will review your documents and inspect your car
ii.    If this guy is happy, he will sign on the Arabic form
c.    Now, remove the number plates. There will be guys who will remove the plates for a fee
d.    Now go back to the Muroor office to the person who sent you to mohandis. Give him back all the documents and the 2 number plates. He will take 2-3 minutes and update the traffic system to say that the vehicle is now ‘exported’. You can check this in absher under ‘Vehicle Services’. He will give you the following:
i.    New number plates
ii.    2 documents in Arabic

3.    Step 3
a.    Your transporting company will provide you with 2 numbers on which you need to get ‘waqalas’.
b.    Take the 2 letters issued by the Muroor  and go to the ‘courts’ or notary office to get your ‘Waqala’. i.e., you need to authorize the transporting company that they can legally take your vehicle to Dubai
c.    You need to check with your transporting company on the location of the court as not all of these offices do this type of work
d.    The Notary office has several counters with a token system. When yuou get your turn, you need to tell the guy at the counter to issue 2 waqalas. Give him the following:
i.    2 Letters from Muroor (from Step 2)
ii.    The 2 numbers provided by your transporting company
iii.    Iqama
e.     He will give you 2 letters and ask you to go to another counter 2 to collect the letter. Here you will get the 2 letters but he will send you back to the original guy for signature. After signature you need to go back to counter 2 for his seal.

4.    Step 4
a.    Submit the following to your transporting company:
i.    2 Muroor letters
ii.    2 waqalas
iii.    Passport copies of yourself
iv.    Iqama copies of yourself
v.    Emirates ID of someone in dubai (both sides of the ID)
vi.    Passport copies of someone in dubai
vii.    Dubai Visa copy (in the passport) of someone in dubai

The transporting company will take care of the rest.

Hi there, I think you followed a perfect procedure for moving your car. My brother who was there in Dubai for 3 years have recently transported his car to US. Initially we were also worried how to get the car to US and also how will all the legal formalities will take place, also which company to choose etc. But then one his friend suggested him to go for an auto shipping company which will not only transport the vehicle to the destination safely but also helps in handling all the legal document issues. He recommended him to some of the companies like [Link moderated - Neither in Riyadh nor in Dubai], auto shippers etc which was a great help to him to take his car back to US.

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