From Colombia to UK


I am from the UK and have just married my girlfriend of 3 years. My wife lives in Cali Colombia and we are looking to move to Norwich in UK.

Anyone have any advice on whether to use a solicitor or go it alone to save money?

It's easy if you are legally married and no children involved and you errant enough.
If any of the above are not correct then you need an immigration lawyer with "close contacts" with an immigration officer.

PS Cali is much nicer than Norfolk.

I live in Norfolk and own a house in Lincolnshire where we will eventually move to. Not really a fair comparison since Cali is much nicer than anywhere in the UK because its so miserably cold and wet here! Never the less, my wife wants to leave Colombia and I dont have a career i can transfer to Colombia.

"Sobre los gustos no hay nada escrito."

Spanish proverb.

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