Drivers Licence

Hi All. In the UK, if you are waiting for your renewed driving licence to be sent to you, you can still drive legally, just showing conformation that you have paid for the renewal is OK.
Does anyone know if that would be acceptable here?
Also, which is correct. Is a foreign driving licence valid here for 3 months or just the 30 days of the tourist card?

Thanks in advance for your answers.

30 days!!!!  Not sure on renewal but I believe you get the card immediately at renewal. Nothing is "sent".

Thanks planner. I meant renewing the licence in the UK you get a new licence mailed to you but my wife's licence has not been received after 2 times of being posted to our address in the UK. It expires today

I have no idea about UK license in the DR as far as renewing. Here you get 30 days on a non DR one for driving here.

Bob K

This not the place to ask about a UK license. Lol.

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