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Hello ! I have accepted a job in Karlskrona and I'm supposed to start working there next May. I am quite scared about leaving my city ( Milano, Italy)  and I've been told many contradictory things about life in Sweden, among which difficuly to make friends... 😳
I wonder if someone knows the city or is willing to share some impression with me.
Would help me a lot to be able to chat with someone that's living there .
Thank you 🙂

Hi Nicola
I have just moved to Sweden, and have been living in Karlskrona for 2 months. It is too soon for me to share much info, or give advice but the city is beautiful. It is a lot smaller then cities like Malmo and Stockholm, so I don't think there is a big expat community,?but people are very friendly.
All still very new for me too - I will keep you posted on how I get on 😀

Hello! Thank you so much! Every little things about Karlskrona you have time to write, it'll be nice to hear!
Have a great day!

Hey! I also just recently moved to Karlskrona!
I officially moved about 1 week ago but have spent months in this city! What questions do you have?

Hello Joselyn and thank you so much for replying.
I would like to know if you like it there, if you feel welcomed... which  area of the city would you advise to live ... is there a market in open air sometimes?  Some Italian groceries shops? A place where one can do martial arts or yoga?  a  veterinarian ? (I have two cats) or if it's easy to find a Catsitter ?

Thank you so much ...
Have a great evening !

Hi Nicola
I moved here with my 3 dogs and 1 cat, there are quite a few veterinarians in the area and I have been recommended a couple of different ones by people I have met walking my dogs 😃
I haven't needed to use one yet but I will register them all next week. I have also been advised to get Pet medical insurance because apparently vetcare is very expensive, so will do that ASAP.
There is gym in town called Wellness Studio which seems very popular, they may have yoga classes. The biggest difficulty I have is that all websites are in Swedish, so I spend hours Google translating everything! I have just got my personnummer which means I can start SFI - this will be good, it is Swedish classes for immigrants and learning the language will certainly help

Hello and thank you for replying , this is very helpful information indeed!
I will inform myself of pet insurance !
Do you happen to know if there are people interested in catsitting? I will be traveling and I will need to organize that my cats are taken care of for the one when I'll be away.
Thank you so much and have a great day !🌞


So the main island where the main plaza is located is Trösso. So I advise living around there so that everything is walking distance(unless you have a car). By the main plaza, you will find some clothing,hardware, and grocery stores. During the winter months, there aren't many outdoor markets or activities. I don't think there is an Italian store but we do have larger grocery stores a little out of town (accessible via local bus). But during the Spring, Summer and sometimes Fall you will find outdoor markets or events that happen in the main plaza. Usually, if you want more options for clothing, home needs or groceries Lyckeby has a lot more shops!

Also, there are a couple gyms to choose from which vary by cost and services offered. There's wellness studio (priciest option), Lok and motion which is a little out of town but not far. They both offer a variety of classes. There are also gyms that don't offer classes just have the equipment like 24-hour fitness (cheaper option).

In all Karlskrona is a small tight-knit community. That being said its a little harder to make friends given everyone has their close group already. I personally also think Swedes tend to be a bit shy which also makes it a little difficult. I do try and go out and meet people but of course building a friendship takes time. But nonetheless people are friendly and usually, try their best to speak English with you. that being said I highly reccommend getting a head start in your Swedish. That will open a lot of doors for you in the long run. I personally use an app called Duolingo to learn Swedish. I had my first day at SFI today so hopefully I can quickly learn some basic Swedish.

P.s- Also if you need a cat sitter I would do it! I used to have cats and miss having my animal friends here!

When you're in town feel free to reach out! I'd love to grab a coffee or something?!

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