Why do Vietnamese often burn plastic and other garbage?

I understand that some areas are not serviced with garbage collection let alone recycling.

What I dont understand is the frequency of burning plastic in areas with regular garbage collection. 

It  is especially troubling when you see parents and their kids making a sport of it and exposing the young ones to such hazardous toxic fumes.

This doesnt happen often in Thailand which is only slightly more developed than VN.  Can anyone shed some light on this?

Hi Goreme,

Theo main solution for garbage treatment in VN is burying, burning. So there is a habit to burn the garbage, the goverment rarely fine the person who did that.

They burn garbage to scare the mosquitos away.

In fact I just returned from a 4 star resort. At 10am they had us leave the bungalow we were staying in so that they can smoke out the mosquitos and any nest they may have laid.

Don't know how effective the smoke is but it's hazardous for our health.

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