Bringing PH wife to VN for 6 months.
She gets 21 days visa free, then what?
Apply for 6 month while in VN?


Better to apply for the DN business visa for one year, and no you don't need her to be doing any business here.

Funny. Most people assume things about Phils, but she's a nice girl.
But it's 50/50... Know quite a few that are not.

Ok, Im confused.

Philippinas are often accused and/or hassled at immigration for prostitution. My wife included. She's a pretty, innocent girl from the jungles and doesn't understand what's going on either. Her sisters have husbands and babies with normal lives.
Girls from the bigger cities like Manila and Cebu catch on pretty quick. It's easy to double the meager salary of an overseas Philippino worker by working the night shift.


Doesn't relate to visa?
Think about it and let me know what you come up with.

Mate its obvious you just want to rant.

Thanks for the help. Will ring you when the time is right.

Geez mate, take your meds. You ask about visas then start talking about husbands and wives with kids, working night shift and coming from the jungle. Good luck, you need it.

Now who's ranting...

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