Photos of Iran

Another thread was getting very interesting, but also way off topic.
Whilst it's very unlikely I'll get the chance to visit Iran, I would like to see street life photos of the place and learn a little something about real life there.
I'm stuck to google on this one, unless posters can link to sites or perhaps post their own work here.

Some random photos of Tehran. I've been told that northern Tehran is actually the place to be where many young and also wealthier people like to hang out, but there are less photos of that part of the city for some reason. Most pictures are usually taken from the busy and older districts.

Nice photos. I hate not knowing about a place I like the sound of, and photos often tell a story words fail on.


Iranians seem to love playing chess. They also claim that it was invented by ancient Persians. I don't know really, I don't even know how to play it, lol..

More from Tehran..


Great stuff.

It's the little things that add to the picture of the country, the fact they have speed cameras suggests road discipline, the street art and way the place is decorated suggests a push towards pride in the city and a general interest in things artistic.
Modern sits alongside ancient, and the Christmas tree tells a whole story on its own.
The fact they have skiing still gets me.

I want to conclude with some random nature photos

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