Marriage process in Iran (Iranian husband and foreign wife)

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I'm a bit desperate since I can't find any information about the length of marriage process (Iranian husband with foreign wife) in Iran. Even the police isn't sure about it, so I'm searching for someone who has actually undergone this process.

What I have learnt by now is that there are two stages in this process, one is applying for marriage permission, second is marriage and applying for passport. I would like to plan my life in adavance and visit my native country, so I'd really appreciate if someone could help me.


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Perhaps some leads here till members shed the light on your queries : … n-citizen/

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Hi I'm filipina and i got marriage in iran in no longer time..all u need is process and file all the needed documents..

so out of curiosity, what are the needed documents?

Off the top of my head I can't remember All of the documents, but among them are most likely a blood test, and the paperwork that shows you've converted to Islam (if you were not already Muslim). Also probably paperwork for your Shenasname. But I got marries to an Iranian in Thailand so, I'm not sure what they will require here exactly. Good luck.


I know that the time is much shorter if you get married at the Iranian Consulate of your country. They also will issue the Shenasnameh and passport immediately on the same day.

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