problem caused by employer

I was working for an employee since 2014. owing to discrimination I planned to switch my job to another company.
I resigned from my company on 15 sept 2016 but my employer shifted my visa to new CR. so when my new company is trying to get my visa LMRA system says to work for one year with the same employer first.
I have knocked every possible door whether it is lmra or ministry of labour or immigration but there is no help.
can anyone help me my passport is also with the company and they are refusing to give it to me.

Abdul Rehman


Your employer cannot hold your passport, LMRA rules states so

As stated by LMRA, you must first contact your embassy and if possible raise the case with ministry of justice


i went to embassy but they refused to help they said first you need to have your visa finished. so I have to go to police and report case agaibst the company.

Then you must do as they have told you.

good luck.

thank you. the thing is the laws are only in the books the reality is very different

If you have been moved to a new cr  then  you should be on probation period for three months check this route

Unfortunately..  :(

abdul rehman ch :

thank you. the thing is the laws are only in the books the reality is very different

Report the case to the police then you will get a case number as this is based on kidnapping , you are allowed to leave any company once you have served your notice period , the company can also not stop you from completing your transfer.

What i would do is make a story for the gdn and push this bahraini company to except this .you are a prisoner to this company

The company must inform you that you are being moved to a new company and they must ask you advise , look in the bahrain labour law you can download this for free, and then you can quote this in a letter to your employer stating that you instruct a lawyer to follow through on this and claim for additional stress etc etc

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