HSBC and deposit machines

Hello.. Recently switched to HSBC, and today i went to deposit some cash.

Saw the deposit machine, and didnt realise that it was an older type of machine, where you are supposed to put the money in a envelope w account nr.

(My fault, didnt read the instructions.. thought that it was like the newer ones, that counts the money immediatly and deposits it to your account).

Well.. i put the money in the slot, my card in.. and pressed enter.. whups.. the money was gone inside the machine.. At this point i realised my error, and went to the clerk, who filled in mystic paper called indemnity form with all kind of legal jargon...

I have the feeling that im not going to see my money again :D Have anyone been in similar situation? It wasnt a small amount of money (hundreds of euros) that i would need quite quickly :/

At a guess I'd say the money etc will be tallied up at the end of the day,and you've just got to hope it tallies to your amount. No idea to be honest though!

Just to let you know.. the money arrived back to my account this evening..

Going to read all possible instructions from now on when using the local machines :D

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