Looking for a job near Birkerød, 3460 (within 15 Miles)

I speak English and just started my Danish lessons. It's been a while, I've tried so many online job portals and even handed over my CV in person for several places. I didn't get any chance yet and  I'm getting worried  now. The local job center wouldn't help me as I'm here on the Green Card; according to them we are on our own!
Can anybody offer me any idea or any vacancy available around this area; so I can directly forward my CV or attend for  a walk-in interview?! I have obtained different skills and experience in Education, Sales and Hospitality and I also would love to Babysit, join as a Nursery assistant, Hotel house keeping assistance or cleaning positions where there's no high demand for Danish language! 
Thank you very much in advance!

I'll suggest to you that you contact Work in Denmark:

They also offer a chat service: … ach-Friday

Best wishes

Hi Nelie,

Thanks a million!
I've already registered and applied through that site but didn't use the chat service; I'll try it!
Thanks again!


I hope that they will be able to advise you and tell you what is realistic, and what isn't. I cannot because I have no feeling with the labour market as such, and further I don't know your formal education.

As you have already found out, it is uphill to find a job, not even for you, but for many native people, too. It should, however, not be impossible for you to find a hotel job of some kind, but the pay will be too low to meet the income requirements of the GC.


I understand! Thanks anyway!
Do you have a LinkedIn account?

I have no LinkedIn account so I cannot connect to you this way, but you're more than welcome to write a PM to me on this forum and tell me a little more.

The most important for you will be to get back on the career track as soon as possible whereever it might be so even you have invested a lot of money in coming to Denmark, and even if it may be a very tough decision to make, you shalln't stay in this country at all costs.

Finding af hotel job or another odd job shall in all circumstances be a short term solution and not a solution in the long run.

Now you'll start contacting Work in Denmark to hear if they can help you in any way, and then we take it from there. Personally, I would prefer to meet up personally if it is possible to get an appointment. I think the chat is better when it is about general information, or if you have problems getting there. … rk/Contact


Welcome to Danmark :) not a easy place for job seekers like us chatushi. I hope you already feels it after arriving here. Danish language will only be a quick possibility to get a job in your profession else only odd jobs are the solution to live here.

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