The work system

The work system sucks.

I've been trying to find work mini job or part time because we have a daughter so working weekends is a no as we can not afford a babysitter and on top of that learning German can take up to a year to learn.
I've had interviews and ment to be work trials but none company's have given me access to the building where I need to be, haven't written me down, forgot about me and best bit keep changing the dates for work trials.

Germany is a great place but the work system sucks. We as a family are now stuggaling with very low income.

Hi Foxybe
It's almost the same everywhere. Germany is better than many other places in Europe, but without the knowedge of the language everything is more complicated. Compared to Italy is paradise.

The work system doesn't suck for everyone (and I don't think that's a cliché anyway), but I'm sorry for the difficulties you've had. As Angelo said, learning the language is key. And I can assure you it takes much longer than a year to learn. I've been at it on and off for 34 years, and I would still not be able to confidently apply for a job requiring frequent communication with Germans. Ironically, I taught German for 13 years in the US and adore the language. Germany is a land of realists, which is probably why I love it here. :-)

I have a basic understanding of German.
That's all I need tbh. I don't intend to learn anymore just because of the amount of disrespect  I have received.

If you think it is acceptable to keep someone waiting out in the cold from 5:30am to 6:30am then no. I do not agree with you.

We used our last €50 just so I can have a work outfit and that happens. I have been waiting to have a work trial for one solid month being told 3 time's sorry we are not in today you can start this date, sorry I am not in bonn for the week you can start this date instead , sorry we are closed for the week you can start this date. See where I am going? Sorry we don't need anyone for another 5 months  we can get back to you.
That is not the way the world work works.

Foxybe :

I have a basic understanding of German.
That's all I need tbh. I don't intend to learn anymore just because of the amount of disrespect  I have received.

This attitude certainly is the cause of your problems.
As a job seeker in Germany (and anywhere else, too, really!) you are a beggar and you have to do whatever it takes.
Once you are employed (and survived probation), job protection is pretty strong here, so then you can relax a bit (but not too much).
If you want to earn money without putting in the best effort you can muster (and also put up with some hardship for the sake of earning well), then you are in the wrong country.

If you think it is ok keeping people outside in the cold from 5:30am to 6:30am then again I do not agree with you.

I was misleaded and lied to.

My attitude is like this because I'm still pissed from this morning. It's not right the way I have been treated for the past 6 months.

Also I'm not a begger. I'm applying for job I'm not even capable of doing be a use I have no idea what I'm doing in that area.

You are judging from one bad apple to all - and then you wonder why the others don't like you?
Also, if you apply for jobs that you're not able to do, rejection is the best outcome for both sides.
Maybe you should change your attitude. If you want something (here: job), you are a beggar!
(And better apply for jobs that you can and want to do.)

Foxybe I find your posts very sad. I have been trying for years to get the opportunity to move to Germany. You clearly don't like it, and do not appreciate being there. I have had horrible experiences here in the States with job interviews and I am a native born American. Maybe you need to re-evaluate your attitude, and your choice to live in a country where you don't speak the language well enough to get the job you feel you deserve. Being happy in life is so important. Good luck.

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It does become a vicious circle that one gets disrespected at times for not knowing German well, which in turn dampers ones motivation to learn. But I am not sure what one can really expect? It is an advantage that many people do speak some English rather than being in a country where hardly anyone does. But for better opportunities and in the long run, one needs to get along with the language. Expecting otherwise is just mistaken.

And I am not sure what you mean by “the German work system”. Workers have pretty good rights and conditions for most full time jobs. But like anywhere in the world, people without skills or a good grasp of the language are going to have to settle for the bottom of the ladder jobs. This will mean low pay, hard work and often crappy conditions. But this has to do with certain jobs and specific companies - not Germany in general. Stocking shelves in stores, cleaning crews, delivering newspapers. These are the sort of jobs that are mostly available and most likely to have irregular hours and lack of planning as to when one needs to work. Many offer no guarantees but expect one to be available at a moment’s notice. But is it truly different in other countries? How are things for Immigrant farm workers, maids and gardeners in the US? The best thing one can do is to have qualifications to apply for better jobs.

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