Fitness trainer and Pilates instructor job in Germany

Hello Im Pelin from Turkey! Im 27 years old. Im Fitness trainer and Pilates instructor. I can speak English fluently and want to learn German. But also Im looking for a job in Germany. Is it possible to work in Germany without speaking German? I mean atleast at the beginning?

As mentioned on this forum many times before (Did you read past discussions about related topics?), it is quite difficult to find a job in Germany without language skills. Especially roles with contact to or the need to communicate with customers, clients or partners are impossible to get without speaking their language. I guess fitness instructor falls into this category - how would you instruct people without them understanding you??? Therefore I think you are well advised to focus on learning the language in the first months to a year, and look for a job after that.

Beppi is correct about the importance of learning German, especially in jobs that you need to talk to people. In general, this is the most important factor to success. Yet I can imagine a scenario that such a trainer might have a chance. At a large place with multiple instructors there is not the risk that customers feel nobody is around to instruct them or answer questions in German. I think the people who go to fitness studios are the kind most likely to speak English comfortably. Mostly young and likely more educated than average since they have the money to pay to use a gym.

Much of such a job is physical and thus can be communicated through simply showing and acting out to emphasis. It’s about demonstrating and using body language. Possibly an open minded place might think the advantage of someone with a good training and experience might outweigh the language limitations - at least for the short run. For the long term they would probably expect one to work hard on bringing their German language skills up to speed.

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