basic salary in copenhagen

Hi guys,

Im in the process of moving to CPH in a couple of months and besides trying to adjust to the new city and learning danish,  I am also going to apply for as many jobs as I can. I was wondering what is the approximately basic salary that you can earn as a full time employee lets say for example as a cashier or as a sales person in a clothing store, babysitter, working in a daycare? I guess I would like to have an idea of what a basic salary is for jobs that are not skilled and don't require higher education.

Thank you in advance

Hello cctox,

You see, you're in one of six European countries that have not fixed minimum wage ... So it will be at the customer's head ........... … uary_2016_(%C2%B9)_(EUR_per_month)_YB16-II-fr.png

This link will give you an overview of the pay if the employer has signed an agreement with a union: … over-18aar

Do also have a look here:

If you are ready to distribute papers at night you'll be able to earn 140 - 160 DKK per hour.


My advice is try and see how much it will actually cost you to live here. Its an expensive town, anything less than 100 DKK/hour, before taxes, on a full time job will have you struggling.

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