Do you know anyone who can process for residency?

Hello, I'm looking for someone who can be able to process of residency here in Casablanca.. if you know someone please don't hesitate to drop me a message ! Merci beaucoup!

Hi,what do you need ?

I need a person who can process my residency like carte sejour

Moorish will do it for you for 2000 DH. Look them up on facebook.

What I will search in fb

Type: Moorish group

Hi Joeman,

do you have an idea what docs they will need to provide a carte de sejour pour Lebanese?

I have contacted them and still no answer.


If you live in Casablanca,you have to go in prefecture de police in zerktouni.. they have the list of requirements.. if u are working u need work contract , house contracts, bill statements .. passport copy , passport pictures, and all documents must have stamp from notary public

Thank you Louies :)

hello, did you have any luck using the moorish group or someone else to help get the carte desejour?

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