Need a help/guidence on Pregnancy and abortion


My name is Geeta and I am from India. I came to Germany Munich before 4 months for an onsite travel through one Indian IT company.

I had an affair with one Indian guy from past few months but he went to USA last month for another assignment.
I got to know, I am pregnant now. I don't know what to do? where to go? If someone get to know about it, my life is gone. I have no other choice than getting this baby aborted or ....

I am emotionally broke and alone at home searching for some help or guidance for abortion.

Please someone help me or guide me in this.....

I can understand that you're feeling like stuck in a terrible situation with no obvious way out.
However, be assured that there is a lot of support available for unwanted pregnancies and single mothers and there is no stigma attached to these in Germany. You are also not the first and only one in this situation. You can and you will manage this!

As a first step, I recommend you contact a pregnancy support organisation. There are many of them and you can find ones in your vicinity on this website: … llensuche/
They will, together with you, work out the best path forward regarding how to handle pregnancy, childbirth (or abortion, if you decide for it - see below), claiming maintenance from the father (also some remarks below) and education - and they will hopefully help you out of your current depression as well.
Second, you need to visit a gynaecologist for the medical part. He/she can advice you on the risks and their countermeasures during pregnancy, childbirth or abortion. Please note that the medical cost of pregnancy and birth - including all complications and treatments - are fully covered by your health insurance.
Third, if the father (whom you should inform immediately) does not cooperate, you will probably need a lawyer to claim your financial rights from him. He will have to contribute to the child's living costs even if he doesn't want the child - and this is internationally enforceable. If he is a good father, he will also contribute in non-financial ways and support you as much as possible.

Although I do hope you will decide against abortion (You will see that a child is the most wonderful thing that will ever happen in your life!), here some words about the rules in Germany:
Abortions are possible at dedicated abortion clinics up to the 12th week of pregnancy and cost approx. EUR400-500, excluding complications (if any). This is not covered by health insurance.
Before you're allowed to abort, you need to get counselling from a pregnancy support organisation (see above) and then a three days consideration period before an abortion clinic can accept you.

I have first-hand experience in this topic (despite being man and happily married father). I also know the more conservative culture you came from - I lived 15 years in Asia. Please contact me via this site's personal messaging system if you want to talk further - I'll then send you my contact details.

Hi, I am very sorry to hear that you are in a trouble. This is very delicate subject. I think Beppi ansvered to you very well.
I can add something from me as a mother of 2 childreen. When I look at them I could not imagine how it would be if I aborted them. I would not like to live anymore. But this is me. Everyone has own feelings. It would be good also if you watched some videos about aboortion and how it look like etc. It will help you to decide. I hope you will decide to have a baby. There are no opressions in Germany for lonely mothers.  Also you can give baby to adoption.
In some countries abortion is a crime. For example in neighbouring country which is mine.
I wish you all the best.

Hello Beppi and Marta,

Thank you very much for supporting me and understanding my situation.
Your kind words made me feel more stronger when I needed these words the most.

I did get help from one of my friend and he was always personally available with me through out all the days.

I always heard that there are lot of good people on earth but today I met or had a words with them as well.

I wish I would have never been in this situation, but never realized I am falling deep in this situation unintentionally.

Pro-Familia is a greatest support for any individual they encounter and they became life saver for me.
I am ashamed and became more stronger with this situation and realized that dream with some thoughts are also fine for the life.

I donated 400 euros to the church and 20,000 indian rupees for the Orphanage in India. I am not repaying anything to anyone, but I just thought of doing some good deed which I never had a thought of doing so,

Today I have decided to donate 1000 Euros to poor people / homeless people I see on the road.
Me with my very supportive friends going to buy 50 jackets from those 1000 Euros and going to donate to poor and needy ones in Munich.
This is not a madness, neither it is a deliberate act to forgive myself. It is just the right thing to do. I just feel bad that I was taught a lesson by God to make me feel this way.

I am going to be out off this situation on next Tuesday and its gonna be fine with me.

Without making more noise here on the expat site I am signing off with a smile and few tears in my eyes. I am so grateful to meet you (Beppi, Marta) here and Pro-Familia in munich.

This is definitely quite not okay for anyone who gets trapped in this situation somehow, but not everyone gets a helping hands the way I did get. I will try to be more considerable for anyone whom I meet in my life who is in such or similar situation.

Cannot say it was a wonderful experience though but feeling so strong inside again.

Thank you very much for the help and God bless you!

It is great to hear that you are feeling better.
And thanks for donating to those needier than us.
However, please note that it is not usually warm clothes that are lacking (too many used ones are donated already) and the needs sometimes arise in unexpected areas - for example, in my work with Middle-Eastern refugees it is mobile phones, which they need to keep in touch with friends and family who are still in fighting areas and endangered each and every day. Therefore it is often better to give the money to charity organisations who work with the needs, rather than buying goods.


I am staying frankfrut city near hamflhr area, I am from india tamil nadu, germany is secure your life, if you have insurance very needful. otherwise no problem here all people help you. dot worry .

God Bless you my sister. Don't worry my dear sister. God is with you right now. He will help you.
praying for you. my sister also going trough same situation like you but Lord will be strong tower.!

Hi Geeta! How are you? How do you feel? I was worrying about you..

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