Recommended english-speaking paediatrician


I am looking for any good recommendations for an english-speaking paediatrician?

Hello Odette Webb :cheers:

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In which part of Germany are you looking for a Paediatrician please?

I invite you to check out our business directory for recommended professionals, please do recommend others if you are satisfied with their services :

> Pediatrists in Germany


Silly me - Munich!  I will have a look at the directory


So i just had a look at the directory and there is nothing listed for Munich?  We just moved here and I need to find a paediatrician for my 14 month old - ideally one that we can build a relationship with??

If you don't find somebody listed then just try out whoever you find most conveniently located and see if they don't speak English. Doctors are highly educated and nearly all will speak at least passable English. Just try around until you find someone you are comfortable with.

You can try, an Internet rating site for doctors, at least for a first impression - but keep in mind that the site severely restricts negative opinions and even the few that do go through are often removed at the behest of litigious doctors.

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