Home schooling in Ho Chi Minh city

Hello all,
We have a 4 year old son and we intend to do home schooling. I tried to google about the existing home schools in Ho Chi Minh city, but nothing interesting or up to date came up.
Are there any parents who are already into home schooling their children or can give some advice?
We would also like to have play dates.
Thank you.

I am in the same situation with my child, 7 years old and try to find people to discuss about any solutions. We have a tutoring facility in district 2 but only for VN kids Sat. and Sundays.  Our British teachers are working with VN adult groups outside our building ( 600 sqmtr.)

Hi Michael

My name is Jennie and we are originally from California. We currently live in HCMC district 7. We are currently home schooling our 8&9 year old daughters. It's our first time home schooling our daughters and a challenge to find homeschoolers.  If you and your family visit HCMC let us know; we would love a play date. Best wishes to you and your family! My email is: ***

Jennie Pham

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My name is Jennie Pham and we currently residing in HCMC ( D7). We just moved here from California for about a month and also started homeschooling our daughters 8&9. I know there is a big age gap; but I am open to meet. Please contact me at ***

Best regards,

Jennie Pham

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Hello Ms. Jennie Pham,
My apologies for such a delay in replying to your msg.
I will send an email to you at your email address, for further communication.


  I am new to this forum. I am from India and recently moved to Vietnam. I would like to know the schooling option for my son who is in 2nd Standard now. Pls help me to understand the home schooling option


Hello Venu,
Welcome to Vietnam.
You may search for "Home Schooling" on the internet to get some basic ideas of what it is.
But as a start, it is teaching a child at home, instead of in a school.
The reason to teach a child at home could be any, ranging from financial to cultural to language to safety and so on, but it requires a lot of planning and dedication, not to forget the time that goes into it.

Which district do you live in? You can filter your search for any home schools accordingly.

A play group where children come together to play or spend time studying together isn't technically a "home school". It would be more of a mini school rather than a "home school".

Hope that helps.


If you speak English, there are plenty of resources on the internet, including those that provide the equivalent of a USA High School Diploma, which permits your graduate to attend universities in the USA.  Just so you know and based on studies, home schooled students in the USA do better on entrance exams and are more successful in college than students that attend public schools.   But remember, home schooled children in the USA usually have a mom or dad that is college educated and stays home to educate and teach their children.  The number 1 reason why this is so popular in the USA is because of the deterioration and social/political agendas of public schools.

recent article: … r-on-Tests

Hi Sushant
  Thanks for the reply..
I am staying in Dist 7.. Where do u stay? Do you have any better schooling option?


Try Connections Academy in Baltimore, Maryland. On line studies which are monitored by the school. Lessons assigned and they must be completed on time. Regular assessments with live classes with the teachers. Becoming popular worldwide so must be worth a look.

Good luck

Hi Vinu,

Sorry for the late reply.
I am in Tan Phu district.
Currently my son goes to a bilingual school.
I teach him Arts, Mathematics and English in the evening time.

Have you got your son enrolled in any school or are you giving home schooling a try?


Anyone still looking at this thread?

I was checking out the home school options at homeschoolreviews and other sites: I am interested in primary school at this point.

I have looked into the online academies, and most of their reviews are substandard, to be kind... both international connections and
Some of the curriculum seem to be easy to follow like My Father's World, and great supplementation materials are available like

I am trying to find others that simply want to share a tutor and expenses, otherwise I believe it will be more productive to simply hire someone locally to help, and I placed an ad to do such... not sure if that will work or not....

Pls. somebody instruct me how can people, who have school problems with their kids can meet - get known together? My son is in the meanwhile 8 years old. My first post here dated October 12, 2016 with an answer from Jenny Pham. I would like to contact her and meet her together with other parents, who are in the same situation as I am.
                                  But how can I personally contact them?
At the moment we are running a small licensed English tutoring facility in  district 2 on 600 sqmtr. We would like to integrate a project for foreign elementary kids, who are sitting at home, as my son Richie is doing. Based on our existing facility we have access to  very good and  experienced English teacher from GB, the US and the Philippines on hourly basis. I am looking for parents to help me to realize this project.

who can you get the email address?

Hi Michael

We are still home schooling our daughters 9 and 10 year old. We have another year before moving back to the U.S. We are currently living in D7 and will move to D8 in October. I'm interested to know are there anybexisting writing classes (creative) for expat kids. I'm also interested in a language art class that focus on grammar and comprehension. How much would the fee be?  Are your classes or groups in D2? If these learning opportunities are in D2; the weekends would be best for us. You can message me on expat.

Best regards,

Jennie Pham

Thank you. The best is to meet at our facility in Thao Dien.  Our boss Radley Lorey  is a leading teacher at the VN British International School, available  at weekends. Best would be to come to our school:  street no. 38, house no. 14N1

May I know which Bilingual school your child is going to? Many thanks

I would like to have a direct meeting with you to discuss this matter.
Best regards, ***

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I am not in Vietnam as yet. Just planning to relocate. Thanks

Hi Justin

Our daughters are homeschooled.


Online schooling, home schooling or educate at home. Whatever you want to call it.

One online school based in the US has achieved a 100% graduation rate plus a 100% university acceptance rate.

It can be done. Just needs a change of attitude towards education

This is unque in HCMC and it's very affordable compaired to so-called international schools. It's in district 2. 

HAVEN is a Filipino-run Education Center in HCM offering K1- Grade 12 (In-school & homeschool)using an Intl.curriculum. A partner of TLP Intl.,UPLB, Phil.

Thanks Dr. Charles. To those interested with Haven, please send me a private messsage.

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