Looking for Mandarin school in HCMC

Hi all,

I am looking for a school that teaches mandarin to kids.  My kids and I will be moving to HCMC and I am looking for a school that teaches in Mandarin or least an English-Mandarin bilingual school.  Does anyone know of one that exists in HCMC?



There are several with Chinese/Mandarin teachers teachig it as a language option.

Is this what you are looking for or are you wanting all subjects taught in Chinese/Mandarin as the language of instruction?

I have a list of schools if you let me know your choice. (In Cho Lon/Chinatown Cantonese is the most popular!)

Hi Jaitch,

Thanks for your reply.  I am looking for a school where all subjects are taught in Mandarin.  The language of instruction would be in Mandarin. 

Do you have any schools that are doing this?  My internet search has netted zero results!

If you have the schools, would you kindly also attach the contact numbers?

Thank you so much for your help!


This stuff was culled from a colleague who is doing the annual school survey.

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BIS < … 179&page=2 >

I know a fee paying parent (his money) who has two daughters going to this school. He is about 80% satisfied with achievements.


HCMC Commercial Chinese Language School
Tel: +84-(0)-8-3859-1062
E-m: Tuvan[at]


ABC International School < … -show.html >

Teaching in Chinese.


The HCMC private schools are a hot subject. Many are of the opinion they overcharge, to put it mildly, others say fraud. HCMC did a study on these school and found them lacking but as the parents paid for them they would take limited action. Some extremely poor schoos were closed, some had dubius accreduitation.

Generally speaking any school started 2000 or later is likely to be in it more for profit than education.

Keep signed in to this string I will dig up more tomorrow when our computer system is running.

Thanks Jaitch,

I was wondering the same about some of these as well.  I also noticed that they only teach in 2.5 to 3 hour sessions.  Does HCMC have a full day Mandarin instruction school at all?  I would have thought Cholon would have something...

Keep me updated though, as I would be very interested in the conversations that you find.

Thanks again.


you could try Taipei school in Dist 7

or also have singaporean international school in city centre
sorry cant find the link..

Thank you Nicole.  This is awesome!  I will definitely be considering this school!  Do you know what the Singaporean school is?  I can try to google it and find it that way perhaps?  But thank you again, this has been very helpful!


Hello Lien
the school is SIS (also have KIK)


Awesome!  Thanks Nicole!

Lien, are you still looking for Mandarin school in HCMC? There're some school which Chinese (traditional characters) is taught in Ho Chi Minh City: Taibei school, SSIS or some state schools in China town area. Good luck!

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Hi there

I know this is an old post, but I am hoping someone could help me, I am hoping to move to Ho Chi Minh city, my Chinese partner has a 10 year daughter but her English is very poor and I am hoping we can find a Chinese based school were she could  attend in Ho Chi Minh so she can move with us and get out of home town, if any one has any information on Chinese taught schools please contact me.

Many thanks


Zhang Laoshi Chinese School, Binh Thanh, HCMC,

Thanks Karl...

I will look into that...

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