Applying for Morden Manitoba immigration under skilled worker class

This is Yasir from Dubai.I am a Pakistani national and currently working here in the uae as occupational health & safety officer. I am applying for Morden Manitoba immigration under skilled worker class and that's why i am here to make new friends and to gain knowledge and information from professional people.Looking forward to have a good platform here. Cheers.

Hey there Mr. Yasir

Hoping you in the best of health,My name is Sidra and i am from Islamabad Pakistan,currently living in Abu Dhabi,

i was not able to find anyone ,then suddenly i came across your post ,as i am also going through the same scenario

I wanted to ask you how far have you gone in Morden immigration? i was thinking of applying,but just couldnt find anyone whom i could share my views with

So have you applied yet? or are you still looking for other options ? and how easy is it to get morden immigration?

Looking forward for your reply
You can also contact me on siidraa[at]
Sidra Ansari

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