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Hello there

I was hoping someone could give me some advice. My husband and I are thinking of moving to Abu Dhabi from Doha Qatar where we currently live and teach for the past 3 years, and although we know that it will be similar in lifestyle we really want to move somewhere that will benefit our quality of living abroad.
Don't get me wrong, we both enjoy Doha but at the moment the prospect of staying longer is not an option as the lack of infrastructure makes it difficult to access parts of the city, and if we were to start a family in a few years time we would prefer to move now. In summery, we want to stay abroad for some time but need to make a decision to where would be best.

We would therefore love some advice and recommendations of schools and packages as you know most jobs on TES do not give you this information and for us it is too big a gamble to jump ship without knowing some background.
Ideally we would like to live in a compound as living in an apartment beside a main road is again not an option long term for us.

We are both extremely hard working, love our jobs as teachers and are highly committed to our jobs!

I guess we need some advice before we make the next big move! :)

If anyone can shed some light we would be most appreciative.
Thank you!

Dear Teachers,

It will be my pleasure to advise you as my wife is a teacher also and I know how hard is teaching so as starting you are in the right way if you want to move.

1- Before coming here you need to certify your certificates ( ministry of education then ministry of foreign affair then UAE Embassy in your home country then in (U.A.E) your embassy in Abu-Dhabi then ministry of foreign affair.

2- As it depends from the subject that you are teaching in a matter of Package try this link it is very useful ( … ators.aspx)  ( scroll down to Education / Schools Finder) .

3- The best package always will be with furnished accommodation from school.

Good Luck Dear Teachers

Many thanks for your reply and kind advice. :idontagree:
we work in Doha at the moment so have been through the system of Resident Permits and of course contesting our degrees in education.

We will take on board what you say about accommodation also.

With kind thanks

and thank you for the link also!

you are welcome and good luck

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