Attention Job Seeker.
This is to inform you about job vacancy available in our company, we urgently require mining and construction workers for immediate employment here in UAE, you can send your CV to our recruiting manager via this Email Address : info@ aamalfidaconstructioncompanyua

We seek reliable and oriented candidates with or without construction experience for placement in United Arab Emirate. Listed are available position. Qualified Blaster, Equipment Helper, Panel Operator, Winch Driver, Shift Supervisor, Underground Blast man, Account Officer, Drill Machine Operator, Drill Electrician, Underground Shift Boss, Senior Drilling Engineer, Mine Captain, Project Secretary, Chief Metallurgist, Underground Mine Planning Engineer, Mechanical Supervisor, Under Maintenance Superintendent, Financial Controller, Driller, Riggers,Hydraulic Engineer, Hydraulic Supervisor, Electrical Engineer, Administrative Executives, Geology Project Managers, Accountants, Environmental Experts, Office Assistants, Civil Engineers, Electricians, Carpenters, Plumber, Drivers, Computer Operators, Telecoms Administrator & Network Engineer Plant Start up, Machine Operators, Construction Engineers ,Installation Experts, Drilling Services, Civil Engineering, Architect Engineering, Marine Engineer, Mechanical Engineer, Electrical Engineer, Electronics Telecommunication Engineer, Surveying Engineer, Aerospace Engineer, Financial Experts, Automobile Engineer, Pipe Construction & Design Engineer, Electrician, Plumber,Carpenter, Welder, Chefs Etc. JOB OFFER STATUS: We offer-full time contract, serious applicants are to submit their educational qualification certificates and resume CV through our manager Email address below for verification and consideration. Salary range for skilled workers range from 12,000 - 26, 000 USD Per Month, and salary range for unskilled workers is from 5, 000 - 12, 000 USD Per month. We provide the visa and flight tickets free of charge for all approved candidate, we also provide free accommodation, medical care, transportation, insurance and feeding throughout the contract term's.
Method of Application: The details listed below must be filled before sending in your Cv
1) Full Name:
2) Passport Number:
3) Post Applying For:
4) Nationality:
5) Email
6) Contact Telephone Number
7) Job Location: United Arab Emirate
Yours in service,

Aamal Fida Construction Company
Address: Mezzanine Floor, Kameez Saboozi Building, Khalidiyah Street, Al Khalidiyah, Abu Dhabi Landmark: Behind Khalidiyah Mall UAE.
P.O. Box: 109482, Abu Dhabi
Recruiting Manager: Mr. Saeed Mustafa
Telephone: +971522187134 Telephone: +971527388990
Fax: +971264202628 Fax: +971264202330
Email: aamalfidaal.constructionuae[at]
Email: info[at]

I don't trust it. Don't apply!

Emailed becaue you asked, or just spam?
If it came from nowhere, it's a sure scam.

definitely a scam

doesnt seem genuine..

anything that comes without being approached, is 100% fake... ;)

mujahid5034 :

anything that comes without being approached, is 100% fake... ;)

Not necessary, I was contacted by Damac one time and got the offer.. they found my cv through linkedin, .. some companies view your CV somewhere online and can approach you..

but if the company is not known and its emails go to spam then big chance its fake.

I applied for a job that was posted on Career applications website. Then I was contacted.

I'm so afraid.

They said they will process my Visa for me and I do not need to pay them anything. I have not been required to pay anything to them.

It did not go to spam

The gmail address is the big tip off that it's a SCAM. Legitimate companies all have their own websites and domain names, any e-mails coming from them will come from their domain and not some free e-mail provider such as gmail, hotmail, outlook, yahoo, etc.

If you have the FULL name of the legitimate company always Google it and find their official website, they will almost always have a "Contact Us" link, use it and confirm any job offers.

Expat-blog Experts Team

Good day

Did you receive feed back about the job offer at Hikmat Construction Company.  I was also accepted but also scared.

Hikmat Construction company.  email  hikmateconstruction.uae[at]gmailmcom   or  info[at]  this one does not register.  You think this is a scam?

I've also got a job offer from Aadheen Construction Company and the offer is really good but not sure if it's a scam I'm not a risk taker is there anyone that already work for this company they pay for everything and give you training at the Hikmat Construction Company premises I need clarity on this matter before I sign the contract

Thank you
Any help would be appreciated

The salary range mentioned proves it as a scam.

Too good to be true is always too good to be true - I would suggest you google it, spend some little cash and CALL their HR - not thru the phone that has been given... in the latter if indeed the salary for unskilled worker is 5000 - 12,000 US$ - then the whole world would be a better place to live yea can you imagine a brick layer getting 5k $ a month? wow.. buddy, don't fall for it - always get facts - today's world is easy - go online, FIND out facts period! Cheers and good luck. E

100 % scam

Hi Palessa I'm also in joburg trying to find work in UAE. I,m an electrician if you do find anything please let me know. I hope you come right , by the way what is your occupation ?

By reading the first few words of the mail you directly understand this is a scam..


Guys how best can i find a job in Abu Dhabi,i'm in Zimbabwe and i'm planning to move to Abu Dhabi,i am a Mechanical Fitter and working as a Crusher Technician for more than 10 years.

Al Dar University College Dubai
to me
2 days agoDetails
Dear ....
This is to remind you to send the signed copy of the job contract offer and all the necessary requirements for the processing of your work /resident permit immediately to TRANS ARABIAN TRAVEL TOURISM LLC, failure to submit all the required documents to the travel agency after two working days, the job contract offer will be revoke.

Tel +971-588892102
Email: transarabiantravels[at]

Ms Josefine Pontero
HR Manager
Tel: (+971)523452510

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