French nursery and school @ khobar

IsA we will move in the coming days to AlKhobar
I would like to know ur experience and recommendations regarding french nurseries schools and activities i have 3 yr old son.
Thanks in Advance

A 3 year old can join the French school, in 'petite section'. You can contact the school directly for more information.

Great thanks any feedback regarding the school?

Hi I am also moving to al Khobar in the coming days inshaAllah. So I am also following this. Have a 1year and 5 months old.

Happynab: Feedback.. thats difficult as its very personal. Its a school so there's always kids that love it and kids that hate it. Same with the parents.

We're quite satisfied, it's not as good as our former school, but it's sure good enough. Our kids are happy there, they learn what they need to learn, the communication between school and parents last year was really bad, but seems better this year. They've recruited a new director for the maternelle and primary school, as the old director unfortunately left, and the new director is still not there... there's always problems with visas and with  recruitment, but thats life here, not necessarily the schools fault.

Suzanne, your child wouldn't be able to go there, the school starts with maternelle; in September of the year the kids turn 3 yrs old they can start there, not before. Not sure if there's any french nurseries about, but a lot of compounds do have nurseries on site so depending on where you'll live you might find a childcare solution there.

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