A half-million Brazilians want to break away and form a new country

RIO DE JANEIRO — Hundreds of thousands of people in the south of Brazil have voted in an unofficial plebiscite to separate from South America’s biggest nation and form their own country, organizers of the ballot said.

Counting of the 617,000 votes cast on Oct. 1 in the “Plebisul” finished on Tuesday. Organizers said 96 percent had voted to create a new country out of Brazil’s three most southern states, arguing they pay too much in taxes to the central government and get too little in return. … ar-BBx49Xb

Their complaint sounds like the same complaint in 200 other countries too.

is there 200 latino countrys complaining then.
if this happend, i wonder if rio the state would go with them

Fat chance, their not going to let that cash cow go. This is a small group of people for Brasil has over 200 million people, it's amazing for Texas and Quebec wanted the same thing and  I think it was Ireland. It would be a waste of money to even try to succed from Brasil and a lot of butt hurt people. The thing  is to stay united for in unity there is power. The country has enough problems, unemployment, sanitation, education, crime,national debt and the list goes on. Good luck with that, for the powers that be will never give the people what they want. Just chiming in on the topic.

it could be the new Monaco of France, where all the rich live and play,
i better shine up my silver where in case the rich pop around like you Alascana

Pete, lol. I am not trying to be rich for I like simplicity and in these days the simpler the better/lol. I'll flip them some sterling in coins for the new Monarch zone. Maybe I can find employment interpeting for the new Monarch(lol) maybe they will build a wall or fence to keep all of the rifraf out or in. I will bring my own plastic fork and spoon no use dirting up silverware.

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